Plot: Joey Jeremiah (Chip Rockcastle) has never had sex before, but his friends plan to change all that. An epic party is being prepared, where Joey will finally dip his wick into a lovely lady, if its the last thing he does. The friends have food, booze, and a beautiful lake to play in, so its just a matter of time. Once the festivities begin, an unwanted guest arrives in the form of Marmalade, who is all too eager to offer her clam flaps for Joey’s first time. She is run off and heads to take a dump in the woods, where she crosses paths with Stink Fist, the legendary sexsquatch himself. She avoids rape and murder by telling Stink Fist about the party, where numerous buttholes just wait to be plundered. As he closes in on the friends, can anyone’s rectal cavity remain intact, or will Stink Fist prolapse everyone in sight?

Entertainment Value: A wild mix of sex, comedy, and horror, Sexsquatch is a manic and super fun movie. The story follows some friends who throw a party to get their friend laid, only to be terrorized by a rapist forest creature. The tone is slapstick and over the top, with outlandish and seemingly random things around every corner. The humor works too, if you appreciate just wild nonsense. And I do indeed appreciate wild nonsense, so I had a blast with this one. The horror elements are minor, limited to when Stink Fist lashes out at his victims and even then, he is so profane and ridiculous, so its not played for scares. I could understand why some might just be confused or grossed out, but I found this to be consistently hilarious. You can tell the resources were limited, though the approach taken makes the most of those issues. Bad wigs, over the top acting, and laughable gore all add to the entertainment. The cast embraces the insanity, giving us beyond outlandish performances. I loved the odd De Niro style taken by one actor, as well as just how colorful the entire cast was, fun stuff. If you like wild, over the top indie cinema, you gotta see this one.

Despite all the sex talk, the bountiful breasts remain under wraps here. There’s plenty of jiggle and cleavage, but the puppies stay in the doghouse. The bloodshed is moderate, with a few fun kills from our pal Stink Fist. He plucks out eyes, tears out intestines, and stomps a guy’s face, all in low rent, indie gore fashion. The effects are fun to watch and hey, at least its not CGI, right? Oh, the dialogue. As someone who loves off the wall lines and random nonsense, Sexsquatch is like a wet dream. All of the characters have various quirks and ridiculous elements, then have mountains of just wacky shit to unload through the dialogue exchanges. I admit this is silly, childish, and random stuff, but it just works and never fails to entertain. I love absurd cinema and this is like ten steps beyond absurd, totally off the rails. As you’d expect from what I’ve typed so far, this one is plenty crazy in all aspects. A mom queefs out the candles on her son’s cake, people sing their lines, more references to dongs and vaginas than you could count, and all the wacky dialogue and characters you could want. What is really impressive is that the pace of this craziness never slows, its just awesome.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 10/10

Overall Insanity: 10/10

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