Plot: Dawn (Linnea Quigley) and Amy (Karen Russell) are good friends with a lot in common, as both have similar family backgrounds and both were recently released from an insane asylum. They’ve each had some severe issues with the past, but with lots of therapy and self exploration, it is believed by Dr. Randolph (Lyle Waggoner) that the two women are adjusted enough to return to society. Or they’re still believed to be quite dangerous, but set free regardless, who knows? The two enjoy the things they’ve missed like laying out for a tan, taking a swim in the pool, and of course, having sex with just about any guy who crosses their path. The men are attracted to them and can’t resist, but soon some of them start being killed off in brutal ways. Have the girls gone fully insane or is someone else behind the murders?

Entertainment Value: An erotic thriller with some fun slasher elements, Murder Weapon is an odd, fun ride. Two beautiful girls with some twisted tendencies forge a friendship in an asylum, then become besties on the outside when for some strange reason, they’re released. This was directed by David DeCoteau and has more splashy bloodshed than his usual movies. Not that I am complaining, as there are some very cool, fun to watch kills in this one. The tone is a little inconsistent, with shades of erotic thriller, slasher movie, and sex comedy, but I like how off kilter it feels and it kind of meshes with all the insane asylum visits. Linnea Quigley and Karen Russell are fun leads, surrounded by a wide scope of guys, including a heavy metal guy and his hilarious swagger. I think between the slasher kills and scream queen presence, Murder Weapon has a lot to offer horror fans, even if it doesn’t always feel like a horror movie. I had a lot of fun revisiting Murder Weapon and if you’re into horror, scream queens, or the cinema of DeCoteau, you’ll want this in your collection.

A number of nude scenes here, as Quigley and Russell provide eye candy in several instances. Most of the scenes are topless, with some bare ass shots as well as one brief full frontal shot during a shower scene. The highlight for me is a scene where Quigley is naked carrying a knife, with the camera behind her. A hot scene with a great slasher vibe, good stuff. This one has some fun bloodshed, including an awesome scene where a sledgehammer annihilates a guy’s head. But that’s just one of several creative, fun to watch gore set pieces. I was surprised with the level of blood, given the erotic thriller feel, but hey, I certainly won’t complain. The dialogue here provides some laughs, with a lot of “bro” lines between the boys and ample 80s lingo to spice things up. Not to mention a moment where Russell is certain she has fucked a man to death, so there’s some fun stuff in this one. The shifts in tone, rampant gore, and odd moments drive this one to decent levels of craziness. The leg shaving scene is so awkward, a crew member is seen at one point, and there’s a general sense that just about anything might happen, so this is a fun ride.

Nudity: 4/10

Blood: 5/10

Dialogue: 6/10

Overall Insanity: 5/10

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