Plot: Mallory (Kelly McCart) is a young American girl who attends school in Southeast Asia, where she lives her with uncle. She is bullied at the school by girls who dislike her little other reason than her nationality, but one incident proves to be the end of her tenure at the school. After being beaten up by a trio of girls, Mallory decides to fight back and lashes out at one of the girls. Her actions land her in serious trouble, so she is taken to a prison for wayward young women. There she finds no solace, as she is once again targeted and not just by her fellow inmates, but the guards and prison officials. She is beaten up, raped, and forced into fights with other inmates, with no choice and no way to reach out for help. Can she find a way to protect herself from all the prison’s dangers or will she be yet another victim of the system?

Entertainment Value: A lot of movies are marketed as women in prison, exploitation style sleaze, only to be dramas or thrillers instead. But Locked Up lives up to the legacy of women in prison cinema and then some, covering all the bases you’d expect from a movie about teen girls in prison. The story follows an American girl who finds no sisterhood from her Asian schoolmates, then is thrown to the wolves in a dank prison, where she faces pain, suffering, and humiliation. Kelly McCart has the ideal look for this kind of role, a young and innocent presence, which is then shattered by the harshness around her. She is put through some intense stuff here, but her performance is strong and she carries the movie well. The rest of the cast is fine as well, aside from some odd accents that can be tough to understand. One of prison bullies sounds like she has a French accent, which adds some entertainment. Locked Up has lesbian liaisons, girl on girl fistfights, sadistic guards, multiple shower scenes, and lots of naked flesh, all the ingredients you’d want from a women in prison flick. If you’re a fan of the genre or sleaze in general, this one is recommended.

This one has some nakedness, including numerous vivid shots of full frontal nudity that leave nothing to the imagination. So we have full frontal, bare asses, and topless scenes, all pretty frequent and in lingering shots. Most of the nudity comes from McCart, who is pretty fearless showing off her body, but several others are featured in various stages of undress as well. The sex scene with McCart and one of her fellow inmates is dirty, and hot, just as the characters express themselves. There’s some blood, but its not graphic and comes from the various fights and confrontations. So bloody noses, black eyes, bruises, that kind of thing. The dialogue is serious in tone and rarely veers into camp or unintentional humor. Some of the accents are either really bad or really thick, which one I have no idea. I did love the French (?) sounding bully, as that concept just entertains me. A few oddball lines sneak through, as well. As far as craziness, this does ramp up all the sleaze and chick violence you’d want from the genre, but with a harsh, grittier tone than usual. So it earns some points, despite being somewhat grounded compared to the more over the top genre entries out there.

Nudity: 6/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 2/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10

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