Plot: Frank (Gary Kent) and Johnny (John Stoglin) are brothers and despite being grown men, both still live under the controlling thumb of their mother (Greta Gaylord). This is due in large part to a lifetime of abuse, as she has tortured her sons in just about every conceivable way. When Frank was close to marrying a young man, his mother revealed to his beloved that she still engaged in an incestuous relationship with her son, which drove off Frank’s potential bride. She wants to keep her sons at home and under her control, regardless of who is hurt in the process. Unable to create real bonds with women or even make friends, the brothers kidnap young women, use them to satisfy their needs, then replace them as needed. All of this is done under mother’s watchful gaze, as they wouldn’t dare make a move without her permission. But can they keep up this brutal behavior, or will someone discover their twisted lifestyle?

Entertainment Value: As the title would suggest, this one is all about innocent girls who are taken prisoner and forced into all kinds of twisted shit. Not just sexual favors either, but hide & seek partners and sounding boards when the boys need to vent about their mother’s sordid deeds. This is sleaze, make no mistake, but it is fueled by psychological darkness more than visible violence or sex. The dynamic of this insane mother putting her sons through hell to warp their minds and keep them close, is what drives the movie, since it is the engine that makes it all happen. I won’t claim that this is an in depth look at that kind of abuse and what it can lead to, but at least some effective narrative elements explain the fucked up situation. There is some unintentional camp, but for the most part, this is presented in a serious, grounded approach. So this isn’t wild, over the top stuff, but just a look inside a sick household. The performances are fine, with both brothers and mother well played. This is a dark, twisted movie that delves deep into exploitation with no restraints. The lack of overt camp or humor might deter some, but fans of exploitation will want to check this out.

This one has a few topless scenes, but careful hair placement keeps the jugs from being seen at all times. You’ll also see some bush, during a pretty rough non consensual encounter. So not a lot of naked flesh, but even without rampant nudity, the sleaze factor is high here. Not much blood either, despite a lot of implied and shown violence. This is not a slasher movie and focuses on a couple victims, so as much as I love gore, it isn’t really missed here. The total disregard for the value of human life and freedom is more than scary enough to compensate. This one has some odd characters, but since there’s minimal camp or humor, the dialogue isn’t that snappy. Still some memorable lines and exchanges, especially the one between mother and Frank’s love interest, which gets dark real quick. Normally a grounded approach reduces the crazy score, but in this case, the opposite is true. This kind of shit happens in real life and because the movie usually stays close to the plausible, it comes off as much creepier. Add in the brothers with their unique quirks, mother and her reign of terror, and the sick games the victims have to endure, this one’s plenty off the rails.

Nudity: 3/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 3/10

Overall Insanity: 7/10