Plot: Sadie (Jennie Russo) is an innocent woman, a virgin about to marry her beloved and to celebrate, she enjoys a topless romp in nature’s splendor. But little does she know that she’s being watched, by a member of the brutal street gang, The Touchers. After he beats up her boyfriend, the thug makes a move toward Sadie, but police sirens scare him off just in time. But The Touchers aren’t done with Sadie, as they stalk her during her honeymoon and plan to punish her in horrific ways. The gang’s leader Dirk (Trey Harrison) decides to take advantage of Sadie’s body, but the smell of her vagina sends him into a frenzy, which quickly spreads to the rest of the gang members. This leads to chaos, with Sadie abused by each member of the gang, who then feast upon the flesh of her boyfriend. As if this tragic turn of events wasn’t enough, her crotch scent also claims the lives of her beloved pets and even her own father. A visit to a psychic friend reveals that Satan has touched her hatchet wound and cursed it, but can Sadie find a way to control it and exact her revenge?

Entertainment Value: She Kills is absurd, hilarious, over the top, and ridiculous, a true tour de force of indie cult cinema. The tale of Sadie’s crotch and her path of vengeance is a wild ride, one that rarely disappoints and always entertains. The story pays tribute to all the “rape revenge” movies that exploitation fans know well, but takes things in directions no one could have expected. The tone is slapstick and off the rails, with insane dialogue, colorful characters, and manic plot twists around every corner. Pets are turned into weapons, a man is sodomized to death with a broken beer bottle, and sweet dance moves are showcased. Pretty much every character here is interesting and memorable, brought to life with enthusiastic performances. The cast really embraces the spirit of the movie, which really helps make the most of the material. Jennie Russo is so much fun in the lead, able to make the crazy humor work, but still come off like a total bad ass. I’m sure some people won’t appreciate the low rent effects or broad performances, but those people are assholes. She Kills is an absolute blast that pays homage to the genre, but also comes off as a one of a kind experience of its own.

This one has a fair amount of nakedness, most often Jennie Russo who shows her breasts and bare ass throughout. You can also see if the carpet matches the drapes and I mean literal carpet, since her fake bush looks like a carpet sample. There’s also a scene with three naked girls in bed with Dirk, showcasing breasts and behinds. A wealth of prosthetic genitals are here as well, with fake dicks, balls, and vaginas all in pretty good supply. The blood is frequent, with fun to watch, low rent effects sprinkled all around, as well as some not so fun CGI bloodshed. The violence ranges from broken beer bottle sodomy to vaginal tentacles to a spree of gunshots to the crotch to a pussy swallowing a man whole. This is some wild shit and its made even crazier by the mostly creative, DIY effects that just a blast to watch. I love the dialogue and characters here, its all colorful and over the top madness. Pooch is one of my personal favorites, with his signature laugh and weird presence, but this is loaded with colorful folks who spout all kinds of hilarious, ridiculous lines. You should be able to tell by now, but She Kills is pretty nuts and rarely veers off that road of insanity. Almost every scene has some crazy shit and it never ceases to pushes boundaries and defy expectations. A true masterpiece of cinematic insanity, if you ask me.

Nudity: 3/10

Blood: 7/10

Dialogue: 10/10

Overall Insanity: 10/10

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