Plot: Brittney (Valerie Williams) is about to leave for New York to pursue her dream of being a supermodel, but that means leaving the love of her life behind. Ricky (Mark Dias) is a motocross racer with an epic mullet and a heart for romance, so the two enjoy a night of intimacy before she heads out. He gives her an ugly ring and a horrific music box, then bangs her out in a hot tub, with the two promising to be together forever, no matter what. Soon however, his romantic spirit is snuffed out and Ricky is killed in an accident. Brittney tries to move on, but not even her success as a model can stop the vivid nightmares, in which Ricky is chasing her down on a dirt bike. The line between reality and dreams is blurred, but that line is even more obscured when it seems like Ricky has returned from the grave. But is Ricky back to cockblock his girl’s new suitors or is Brittney just a delusional bitch?

Entertainment Value: Dream Stalker is a wet dream for fans of low rent, shot on video horror, a perfect storm where anything that can be ridiculous, is. A motocross zombie preys on anyone who gets close to his girl, while she is reduced to a brain warped mess who has no idea what has happened to her life. If you love or hate “it was just a dream” reveals, you will be triggered in wonderful ways here, as they’re constant and disrupt the entire experience. The cast does what it can, but when the writing makes no sense and the sound design is this bad, you can’t expect much. The technical side of Dream Stalker is the only real downer here, as the audio is so bad. If you don’t have a version that offers subtitles, you’ll likely be unable to understand most of the dialogue. Mark Dias is the stand out here, as both a cringe worthy romantic boyfriend and an undead lunatic who stalks his ex. The movie is also loaded with odd moments, like Ricky using the force to choke someone or a hip hop dance party in the middle of the woods. In short, this is all you could want from a shot on video horror movie, so if you appreciate this beautiful genre, add this to your collection.

This one has some naked flesh, but not all that much. A few brief topless scenes give us some breasts to admire, but only in quick shots. A couple sex scenes pop in, one in a hot tub and the other, an aerial view of some softcore love. The latter is quite fun, since it is a little awkward and involves Greg, the film’s creepiest character. While it doesn’t have any nakedness, the scene where Ricky sleep rapes Brittney is worth a mention, since it involves a supernatural entity using a condom. On the blood side, we have a good amount of crimson and some fun makeup work. Ricky looks good in his undead state, though better in some scenes than others. When you consider the budget involved, you gotta give the effects creators some credit here. We also have Ricky slicing up some folks, a branch impalement, a log to the face, a doctor being force choked, a topless girl covered in blood, and more. None of the violence is overly graphic, but there’s enough blood here to keep most horror fans happy.

As I said earlier, the sound design on this movie is horrible and that’s a shame, as there are some great lines here. The abrupt shifts in tone, from overly dramatic to absurd, provide so much awkward interaction and just odd moments. I have to rank Greg as my personal favorite, as he is such a douche and has the worst seduction skills, but is simply hilarious to watch. His conversation about surprises is just masterful and never fails to entertain. But we also have a scene where a guy watches his brother fall and get seriously injured, only to yell at him to shut up, see his horrific wound, then tell him he’ll be just fine. Brilliant shit. But there’s so much more here, with Brittney as an oblivious moron, her friend who has tons of drugs or might be kidding, a camp counselor who shouts at everyone, would be rapists who have awkward talks with each other, and of course, Ricky, who is awesome whether he’s undead or just a smooth customer. As you can tell from all that, Dream Stalker is a wild ride and believe me, there’s even more craziness beyond all this. This is just a clusterfuck movie that shouldn’t work, but it does and genre fans shouldn’t miss it.

Nudity: 3/10

Blood: 5/10

Dialogue: 10/10

Overall Insanity: 10/10

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