Plot: Susan (Ena Henderson) is ready to live her life, so she drops in on her sister Molly (Lee Darling) to tell her about some changes she has made. Molly kids that she’s only moving on because their mother kicked her out, but Susan is steadfast that she is going to make some big changes in her life. Molly’s husband Jeff (Ron Moriarty) has been gone for a few days and the sisters joke about how lonely…and horny Molly is in the absence of her skilled lover. But when Susan finally meets Jeff, she instantly feels an attraction and is drawn to him. She doesn’t care if that her sister’s husband, she wants him for herself and wants to seduce him. Of course, her actions become known to Molly and this causes conflict between the sisters. This leads to Susan considering hiring a hitman to kill her sister, leaving Jeff alone and available. But could she do that to her own sister and if so, would things go to plan or descend into chaos?

Entertainment Value: This movie has a great poster and for genre fans, that is probably reason enough to seek out Molly and the Ghost. A chick with massive hair in revealing lingerie, wearing a harlequin mask is sure to catch the eye and luckily, there’s more than just a cool poster here. If you’re a fan of 90s video store fodder, that is. This is like a Cinemax thriller on steroids, with lame performances, terrible special effects, and one outlandish moment after another. In other words, this is a wild and fun movie that deserves to be seen. Of course, a movie like that isn’t going to appeal to everyone, but for veterans of 90s video, there’s a lot to like here. The pace is a little slow at first, but you’ll never  be bored thanks to the stilted performances and hilarious dialogue. Not to mention some awkward sister interactions, odd tangents, and the film’s last act, where it all goes to hell in a hand basket. The movie is light on blood and flesh, but delivers when it comes to ridiculous moments and characters. The cast is wooden, but so hilarious and the ponytailed hitman stands out as a personal highlight. If you’re a fan of 90s video curios or strange movies in general, Molly and the Ghost is one you should seek out and add to your collection.

Not a lot of naked flesh here, but we do have a couple quick topless scenes and Jeff’s bare ass. Susan in the hot tub is the highlight, as she at least gives us time to properly appreciate her talents. There’s some violence in this one, but its all bloodless and no good stuff is shown on screen. The lone red stuff is a visible wound on the hitman, but it is minor and not even worth a single point. As for dialogue, this movie has poorly written, poorly performed lines and that is excellent news. The lack of emotion is simply a beautiful thing and the awkward, lifeless performances never cease to amaze me when I watch this. The cast is consistently bad too, which means even small roles bring a lot of entertainment to the table. The taxi driver, the hitman, and of course, the ghost hunting parapsychologist are all fun smaller parts. The whole movie is strange and wacky, but the final act really ramps up the craziness. Possession, wife swapping, ghost busting, ethereal sharpshooting, all that and more uncorks for your please. Not so much a balls deep insanity session, but just a steady stream of ridiculous choices that combine to form one outlandish experience.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 7/10

Overall Insanity: 8/10

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