Plot: The janitor at a morgue really likes his work, to the point he has sex with the corpses of women brought in. But when he doesn’t check the toe tag, he plows a new arrival and doesn’t realize the body is infected with a strong, unknown STD. He learns this the hard way however, when he transforms into an undead creature with a ravenous hunger for blood and sex. He soon begins a path of blood soaked carnage, pissing on people and raping his victims, spreading the virus even more. When he visits a gas station bathroom and devours a used tampon inside, he also leaves his blood and fluids all over the place. So when a group of friends pass through and one of them uses the toilet, her failed attempt at hovering infects her as well. Will this lead to orgiastic blood and sex mayhem, spreading this STD like wildfire, or will someone find a way to stop the strain from overrunning the world?

Entertainment Value: If you haven’t seen Night of Something Strange, drop whatever you’re doing and go check it out. This is just a wild, over the top movie that never fails to entertain. Raping a corpse sparks an STD tidal wave that creates undead sex addicts, on the prowl for fresh ass. Within the first five minutes, this movie gives us necrophilia, a golden shower, zombie rape, and fisting gone wrong. And more impressively, it never slows down from that frenetic start. I loved the insanely dark sense of humor here and the total lack of boundaries, which combine to take us to some hilarious, often gross places. A lot of things other movies wouldn’t dare explore, Night of Something Strange goes balls deep on, sometimes literally. All kinds of bodily fluids, from semen to piss to period blood flow like wine, prosthetic genitals are on the attack, and no holes are barred, so no safe spaces in this one. But while all the blood and sex is great, what really drives this movie is the humor. Above all else, this is just a fun movie that entertains at all costs, from start to finish. I can’t recommend this one enough, Night of Something Strange should be in every genre fan’s collection.

A lot of sex happens in this one, but not a ton of naked flesh. Even so, we have a couple topless scenes and even some full frontal, though corpse vagina might not be for everyone. A smartphone screen shows a giant cock as well, so there’s that. There’s also some wild prosthetic creations, including a big, telescopic penis and perhaps the meanest vagina of all time. Kind of takes tentacle porn into a new direction, which is always good, I think. On the blood front, we have a steady stream of the red stuff, though there is some questionable CGI throughout. Even so, still lots of fun stuff to witness and some creative moments involved. A lot of crotch related bleeding occurs, so if you’re squeamish about vaginal discharge you might be reduced to tears here. The tentacle scene looks great as well, so in addition to the blood, some cool creature/makeup effects. The dialogue here is nothing short of spectacular, with an endless parade of hilarious and fucked up lines that always entertain. The dark humor is on constant showcase and the good lines are spread out so that pretty much everyone gets some sharp barbs. I loved the dialogue in this, so dark and cruel and random, amazing stuff. As for craziness, this takes zombies in a wacky new direction, to be sure. Add in the priceless dialogue, boundary ignoring humor and gore, and the film’s “who the fuck knows what will happen next” texture, this one earns its keep.

Nudity: 2/10

Blood: 7/10

Dialogue: 10/10

Overall Insanity: 8/10