Plot: After some kind of systems failure, a man finds himself awake, but trapped inside his cryogenic pod. The AI seems helpful and tries to release him, but is unable to open the pod. But it can provide some entertainment to help the time pass more quickly, even noting the man’s preference for sci/fi and horror themed content. But while the films he is shown are short, they’re so dark and horrific, he doesn’t want to watch. The AI pops in and can stop the films if the man gives her the password, but he has no idea and is forced to watch even more. These stories involve death, suffering, torture, strange creatures, and more, things that don’t ease his sense of dread. Will he ever be released from his pod, or will he be forced to endure the AI’s sadistic wishes?

Entertainment Value: I do love horror anthologies, but Galaxy of Horrors is not the usual entry in this genre. A collection of eight short films curated from the Little Terrors film festival, these were crafted by a wide scope of filmmakers, then put together due to the shared sci/fi horror theme. Then the tale of the trapped man in the cryogenic pod was added, to give it more of that classic anthology feel. While some of these are quite good, with eight stories plus the wraparound, it doesn’t allow much time for these tales to breathe. Most buzz by rather quickly without much depth, which is a shame, as some have a lot of potential. I also understand these were crafted as standalone pieces, so its not like extended versions are certain to exist. While cramped, the movie does pack in some memorable moments and interesting stories. As always with anthologies, some turn out better than others, but that’s all in what the viewer is after. I found some to be too pretentious and I would have liked more dark humor, but as a package deal, this is solid stuff. If you appreciate short films, horror laced sci/fi, or anthology films, you should check it out.

Only one of the shorts features nudity, but it has a chained up naked chick showing her breasts and bush. She has additional nude screen time once she transforms into a zombie, again showing off her naked flesh. On the blood side, there’s a good amount of crimson, including some CGI. I totally understand budget limitations, but I still can’t award full points for CGI effects. There’s some fun carnage though sprinkled around, as well as some cool creature effects in one story. Not often you see a guy fingerblast some weird Krang looking brain that is enmeshed in an electronics cabinet, right? There’s not a wealth of dialogue and the tone is mostly serious, sometimes overly so, which doesn’t produce many memorable lines. The writing is mostly solid, but no outlandish lines or over the top moments to mention. The same holds true on the craziness scale, as some have strange concepts, but nothing ever takes the premise off the deep end. A few odd moments here and there, but with such serious stories, none seem to want to go that extra mile into insanity.

Nudity: 2/10

Blood: 3/10

Dialogue: 0/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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