Plot: Jo-Jo earns her keep as a prostitute, but she supplements her income with some extra services. Once she services her client and he drifts off into a satisfied slumber, she robs him and pockets all the extras cash. Her latest customer wakes up while she’s in the act, but luckily she’s prepared. After some impressive martial arts moves, he is knocked out and Jo-Jo is out the door. She returns home to her lesbian love Luana, who makes her money as a topless dancer, no less. The two manage to bring in some decent money, but Luana is shocked to receive an offer for two hundred dollars for just one night’s worth of performance. But Mr. Gregory is no normal client, instead he is tripping on LSD and insists he recently murdered and dismembered a hitch-hiker. Is he just a drug warped playboy or a lunatic who might kill again?

Entertainment Value: This is one of those movies that you wonder what the hell was going on during production, as very little makes sense here. But that is also what makes Help Wanted Female a twisted, fun movie. A prostitute and her topless dancer girlfriend wind up involved with an LSD crazed maniac, then all hell breaks loose. And jazz music plays. And asses are shaken. Even at just over an hour, the movie runs a little slow at times, but has ample quirk to compensate. Once Mr. Gregory is around, things pick up and take nice weird turns. The cast is not given a lot to do besides get naked, but Mr. Gregory prances about, takes a corpse to the beach, and just steals the movie with his odd antics. This one has a lot of naked flesh as well, with some unusual dance scenes that add immense entertainment. Help Wanted Female is a fun curio that takes some wild turns, so fans of exploitation or strange cinema should give it a spin.

A lot of nudity in this one, with breasts and bare asses galore. No full frontal, but the awkward dance routines more than make up for that. We even have a scene where Gregory chokes out a woman with a plastic bag, puts a bathing suit on her, then takes her on a Weekend at Bernie’s style beach visit. So lots of flesh in this one, but nothing graphic besides a little lip in some of the shots from behind. No blood, but he does use the plastic bag to choke the girl, then uses a knife to dismember here, though the slice and dice isn’t shown on screen. The dialogue is mostly throwaway, but some interesting lines seep in and Gregory is of course one hilarious character. But this is more of a visual romp than a dialogue driven one, I think. As for craziness, we have the Weekend at Bernie’s beach fun, a kung fu hooker, and Gregory’s outlandish presence, so this movie deserves a few points in this department.

Nudity: 5/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10

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