Plot: After the sudden death of her brother, Carol (Vanessa Hildago) travels to his estate in England with her lover Robert (Jeffrey Healey). She is curious about what happened to her brother, as nothing about his lifestyle would suggest that any health risks and she is determined to get some answers. As soon as she arrives, her brother’s widow Fiona (Helga Line) seems a little unusual and so does her house, which has some strange art and an abundance of black candles. Fiona is right, but even she has no idea of how dark Fiona’s intentions are. As part of a twisted cult, Fiona and her fellow cultists seek to raise some dark powers into this world through sexual rituals, including a goat impregnating a human female. She is able to keep her dark side somewhat obscured however, by using special herbal mixtures and her own sexual seduction skills. But can Carol somehow escape this sinister, supernatural cult or will both she and Robert be pulled into its dark grasp forever?

Entertainment Value: This is a movie that doesn’t hold back, with tons of sex, cult rituals, and of course, a special relationship between a woman and a goat. The beast love is what Black Candles is most notorious for, but even without that madness, this is a wild ride. The story follows a woman who attempts to uncover the truth about her brother’s death, only to be sucked into a depraved cult plot by her brother’s widow. Helge Line plays Fiona and she is quite a force in this one and despite being around 50 at the time, rocks the sex scenes like a champ. The cast has some other colorful folks involved too, but Line steals the show. Well, I mean the goat probably steals the show, but you know what I mean. This movie is all about sleaze and debasement, with tons of naked flesh and sexual hijinks. At the same time, it also has a potent atmosphere of darkness and dread, so its effective beyond the sex. The tone is dark and serious, but of course sometimes things are just so bizarre, it lends some dark humor to the experience. The pace is a little inconsistent, but the movie is so odd, it balances out the pacing, since you’re interested in what might happen next. If you’re a fan of horror, sleaze, movies about cults, or you’re just curious about the goat scene, Black Candles is recommended.

This one is loaded with naked flesh, mostly of the female type, but some naked dudes are present too. The dudes show off their bare asses and even some full frontal dong during some of the cult rituals, as well as standard sex scenes. The women are naked often and show it all, breasts, bare ass, and of course, bountiful bush. The sex scenes aren’t like hardcore, but they push a little further than most movies. This adds a lot of sleaze and in this case, that’s great news. Plus one sex scene features a woman trying to french kiss a goat, so you know that shit is epic. The movie also has a good amount of violence, but it rarely results in bloodshed. People get slapped around, roughed up, and sodomized, but visible crimson isn’t frequent. But…we do have a scene where a guy has a sword shoved up his ass. Yes. Still not a lot of blood, but come on. Some memorable dialogue emerges, mostly from Helge Lin and her profane sexual verbiage. She’s direct and downright cruel at times, resulting in some wild moments. Like demanding sex from her hired help, then fucking another guy right in front of him when he can’t satisfy her. She’s a force of nature and has some great lines. This is quite a crazy ride, what with the goat sex, graphic nudity, bad ass bitch lead, strange narrative, and sexual violence, so yeah, it earns some points.

Nudity: 10/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 8/10