Plot: Judith (Tracy Scroggins) is an undercover cop who has had a rough night, to say the very least. She revealed to her partner/boyfriend that she was pregnant, only to watch him gunned down when an arms deal went south. After she chased the killers inside a warehouse, she finds herself locked in a battle for not only her survival, but the soul of her unborn child. A demon has been woken up in the warehouse and it seeks a host in order to grow in power, so it looks to Judith’s womb as a nice place to put down roots and get a fresh start. The demon also brings a militia of toys to life to stalk anyone left inside, from a foul mouthed baby doll to a robot with laser guns. With the doors chained shut and the demonic toys racking up brutal kills, the odds of anyone surviving this massacre seem low. Can Judith somehow outwit the demon and not only make it out alive, but keep her child safe from the demon’s reach?

Entertainment Value: While numerous creators abandoned horror in the 90s, Full Moon kept the torch burning with low budget, high entertainment pictures. Demonic Toys continues the studio’s love affair with evil playthings, bringing us a host of fun new pint sized psychopaths. The story is passable, as a woman tries to protect her unborn child from being possessed by a demon, who has animated a warehouse of toys to act as his minions. The movie provides a solid horror experience, one tinged with dark humor and a generous dose of bloodshed. Tracy Scroggins has the lead and she is more than capable in the role, but the real stars of this one are obviously the toys. We have a blood thirsty bear doll, a robotic war machine with lasers, an evil clown jack in the box, and of course, Baby Oopsy Daisy. While the clown with the snake tail and literal rattle is fun, the profane and violent Oopsy Daisy steals this show. The toys look cool and are given ample screen time, so you’ll see them wreaking havoc often here. The rest of the human cast is fine, with humorous, overly dramatic performances in most cases. Demonic Toys is rock solid horror from a time when the genre was being pushed aside by most folks, so it earns a good recommendation.

Just one topless scene, but the breasts are impressive. A little more flesh also visible, but only the melons are on full showcase. This one has a good amount of blood though, with the evil toys up to all kinds of senseless violence. Someone getting repeatedly stabbed in the eye is fun, but so much more fun when Baby Oopsy Daisy is wielding the blade. Some of the other mayhem includes fingers bitten off, big splashy gun wounds, clown bites, and laser trauma, all accompanied by a rich flow of crimson. The effects also cover the toys themselves, which have a little jank to them, but still look cool, as well as a neat stop motion toy soldier than is memorable. So fun blood, fun creature effects. Baby Oopsy Daisy alone earns a couple points, with humorous lines throughout, but there’s not a lot of memorable stuff outside of that. Even so, a few other fun lines sneak in, so this has some bright spots, to be sure. On the crazy side of the coin, we have some fun creature designs and dark humor, but outside of those elements, Demonic Toys stays within the usual dolls gone wild format. Not a bad thing by any means, but it never flips the switch into madness.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 4/10

Dialogue: 2/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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