Plot: Brick Bardo (Tim Thomerson) is one of the best police officers on his planet, a take no prisoners cop who delivers brutal justice. But while his methods get results, he also unloads a lot of violence and brings a lot of attention to the police force. Bardo was suspended, but that didn’t stop him from showing up on scene when a kidnapper held women and children hostage. His ice cold approach not only saved all the hostages, but he defused the situation with no violence. Soon after, he is ambushed by his mortal enemy Sprug (Frank Collison), who has seen better days. After all, his runs in with Bardo have left just a disembodied head attached to a mechanical hovering device, but he still wants some payback. His shoot out with Sprug’s men leads to a space chase and soon, both crash land on Earth. But while Brick was a tough, intimidating presence on his own planet, on Earth he is only thirteen inches tall. Can he overcome this size hindrance and continue to dispense justice, or will he just be squashed like a bug?

Entertainment Value: A movie about a hard nosed alien cop who comes to Earth and happens to be the size of a doll, now that’s a concept. Full Moon loves dolls after all, so that makes sense and director Albert Pyun makes sure Dollman packs some terrific action, despite the low budget involved. The premise here is outlandish, but it plays out well and mostly works, thanks to a game cast and a good sense of humor. Tim Thomerson has the lead and channels Dirty Harry, even when he is a pint sized cop, which is a lot of fun. Jackie Earle Haley is here as a white trash punk, while Frank Collison adds some fun as Brick’s arch nemesis, a floating head. The visual effects are solid, but of course, some of the special effects are dated and no so effective. The gore looks great, but some of the tricks used to make Brick seem so small don’t pan out quite as well. But for a low budget movie from 1991, the effects are admirable and bring a lot to the movie. This one blends elements of action, drama, humor, and even a little horror, but it feels mostly like an action movie. It has some flaws of course, but it manages to pack a lot of fun as well. If you’re a fan of Full Moon, Thomerson, Pyun, or just weird movies, give Dollman a look.

No nakedness. This movie has a lot of shoot outs and Brick’s gun is some insanely overpowered hand cannon, so its a heavy flow day here. On the alien planet, Brick explodes two thugs to pieces with his gun, with blood, limbs, and internal debris raining from the heavens afterwards. Huge, splashy full body explosions that are so cool and a blast to watch. On Earth, his gun still packs a punch, but just blows huge wounds in folks, though the blood is still in heavy doses. He also blows an arm clean off, which just shows how big things can indeed come in small packages. The dialogue is tough guy talk and some penis size innuendo, so a nice mix of drama and humor. Not a wealth of memorable lines, but some nice zingers creep in. As for craziness, the premise earns a point and the copious violence picks up another, but this more or less plays within the action guidelines, just with a doll sized hero.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 5/10

Dialogue: 3/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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