Plot: Turk (Steve Malis) and his fellow street urchins Wimp (Michael Capellupo) and B.B. (Darlene Hartwell) are in the midst of a night of mayhem, robbing a record store and pushing the owner around. But before they can snatch the cash and take off, a young couple wanders inside the store. Unable to resist being an asshole, Turk bullies the couple a little and learns they’re headed to some kind of party. While her boyfriend is hesitant to invite Turk and his friends, the female seems interested in the trashy criminals. So the group leaves the record store behind and heads to the party, where another couple awaits. The night starts off slow, with some champagne and light conflict, but the heat is soon turned up. A game of strip darts leads to Turk beating up their host and stripping the clothes off one of the female guests, which of course raises the tension to a new level. The night rolls on, but will Turk’s outbursts ruin the party or is there more to this gathering than meets the eye?

Entertainment Value: Venus Flytrap has a familiar premise, with some street toughs invading the space of more well-to-do folks, as seen in numerous House on the Edge of the Park type pictures. But while the concept starts off in that vein, this movie is by no means a carbon copy of the established blueprint. The genre normally puts the normal folks through extensive suffering, until they break and resort to the level of violence their captors exhibited. But here, things take a different path and that is likely why this has remained a talked about movie for all these years. The cast is passable, but these aren’t overly remarkable performances. The characters are colorful and twisted, which means they’re fun to watch, regardless. While the violence here isn’t as visceral or brutal as some movies, the eerie vibe compensates and the movie does dip into some areas those others don’t. Venus Flytrap only runs just over an hour, but it wastes no time and packs in a full experience, without feeling rushed. If you’re into 80s horror, shot on video curios, or necrophilia, check this one out.

This one has some naked flesh, with both guys and gals stripping down. A few topless scenes are here, including the one where Turk tears off the girl’s clothes. But the best one has to be the swimming pool scene, where a girl swims fully nude and reveals it all, including that underwater bush. A hot tub romance also yields some nice wet breasts, so some nice naked chicks here. On the male side, we have bare ass from a couple dudes and Steve Malis gives a brief glimpse at his family jewels. And a not so brief glimpse of his ass as he pounds out one of the party guests. Just a little blood and no graphic on screen violence. A castration scene feels, well…castrated by the lack of any on screen mayhem, for example. But its the thought that counts, right? Some nice lines in this one, mostly mean spirited barbs and tough guy talk. And you can’t discount Wimp’s awful laugh, which is unforgettable. On the insanity meter, this one boasts colorful characters, necrophilia, castration, awkward erotic dance moves, mean spirited dialogue, and a nice twist on the typical formula. Not as wild as some shot on video epics, but this one earns a few points, without question.

Nudity: 3/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 4/10

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