Plot: Mimi Micelli (Duke Mitchell) wants to get the family business up and running again, but that’s not a simple task. After all, his father was a mafia don who was exiled from New York. But Mimi wants to earn big so he can provide for his son, so he is determined to make it work. He heads to Los Angeles with plans to take over all the rackets he can and if anyone stands in his way, he has no qualms about making sure its their last mistake. He arrives in grand style, assembling a small team and kidnapping one of the local mob bosses. His take no prisoners approach harkens back to old school mob ways, as current leaders have gotten soft and timid. As his reputation and body count grows, no one knows how to deal with such a loose cannon, so Mimi just keeps heading toward what he wants. But can even his violent methods be enough to break his way inside, or will he soon cross the wrong people?

Entertainment Value: A wild, low budget response to The Godfather, this movie was the vision of Duke Mitchell. The story is simple enough, as the son of a mafia boss wants to carve out a racket for himself and uses old school violence to do so. But with Mitchell at the reins, this mob epic careens off the deep end and never looks back. When a movie opens with two guys shooting up an entire office of people, you know its going to be a fun ride. Mitchell is all over this one, featured in most scenes and driving the technical elements from behind the camera. The movie has some technical faults, mostly abrupt edits, but this only serves to enhance the experience. The low rent spirit and lack of polish is part of why this one works so well. The cast is mostly non actors and stacked with colorful folks, but none can top Mitchell’s memorable performance. His turn is all over the place, but in the best possible sense. This is just a unique, no holds barred movie that doesn’t play by the rules in the least. Anyone who appreciates bold, one of a kind cinema should own this one.

A few topless scenes and they’re not brief, with Cara Salerno never shy to show off her breasts. She also has a couple bare ass scenes, to top things off. As far as blood, this movie has a fair share of the red stuff. The film’s notorious opening scene alone has a good deal of blood, but that’s just the start. A lot of shooting means a lot of bullet wounds and they’re splashy here, with nice bursts of crimson. The head shots are especially fun, as the hair is blown up and the blood gushes, just awesome stuff. We also have a crowbar through the eye socket and a pimp who winds up crucified, but most of the bloodshed here is from gun violence. A lot of mafia tough talk and poetic waxing is present, but it yields some memorable lines. Mitchell is so much fun to watch and even mundane lines seem to have an extra kick. This one just has a manic tone in general, so it deserves some points on that front. But add in Mitchell’s wild performance, the steady violence, casual racism, and colorful characters, so this one is quite a trip.

Nudity: 2/10

Blood: 6/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 6/10

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