Plot: Tromaville was once overrun with crime and corruption, but Toxie has ended all that and cleaned up the streets. But he did such a great job protecting the town that crime is nonexistent, leaving him with a lot of free time. He tries to lend a hand where he can, but keeping old women from cheating at cards just isn’t how he planned to spend his days. Also facing some financial woes, Toxie is desperate to raise the cash for an experimental surgery for his girl, Claire (Phoebe Legere). The procedure could restore her eyesight, allowing her to see and bask in all the world’s visual wonders. An offer from Apocalypse, Inc. promises Toxie all the cash he needs, as long as he does what the Chairman (Rick Collins) asks. This leads to naive Toxie doing the dirty work for the corporate evil doers, unaware of the impact it has on Tromaville. But has Toxie sold out for good, or will he come to his senses and turn things around?

Entertainment Value: As much as I love Troma and the Toxic Avenger series, this third installment is just not up to snuff. The story turns Toxie into a yuppie who serves the same corporate bozos he battled in the second movie, so you need to throw any shred of logic out the window here. This approach seems to have been used because a good deal of the footage here was left over from the previous movie. That would make sense, as it explains some of the strange plot holes and the overall rushed, incoherent feel of the entire experience. I do think the movie starts strong and ends strong, but the middle is inconsistent and not much fun. Too much focus on comedy and exposition dooms the middle stretch, which feels flat and even dull at times. It still has some fun moments and signature Troma madness, but it just feels like most of this one was tacked together with minimal care or effort. Some of the bright spots include the awesome opening battle in the video store, Phoebe Legere’s outlandish performance, and the finale, which at least lets the movie close out in true Troma style. Fans of Troma and Toxie should still give this a look, but temper those expectations for this one.

Just one brief topless scene, with slight views on some nipples, but mostly side boob on the menu there. The blood quotient is higher than the breasts however, with some wild effects like you’d expect from the Troma squad. Toxie unleashes all kinds of violence, from shredding a guy’s hand and arm to tearing off a head, all shown with fun effects that gush the red stuff. I also love the creature creations in this one, with the devil looking like a member of Gwar. Some cool transformation scenes are also present, with the devil hatching from inside a dude and Toxie falling to slimy pieces, but regenerating back to his old self. Literally his old self. The scene where Toxie melts to pieces is very cool and looks awesome. The dialogue here isn’t up to Troma’s usual level of chaos and random fun, but some fun lines are sprinkled throughout. The opening battle has some wild lines for example, but they’re just not as frequent as Troma’s usual output. On the crazy scale, the opening and closing segments deliver the madness, but the middle is mostly forgettable. Even so, we have a lot of cool stuff in the bookend segments, so it earns some solid insanity points.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 7/10

Dialogue: 3/10

Overall Insanity: 4/10

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