Plot: George Gimble (Alan Scarfe) is moving his family into his childhood home, where he lived until he was four years old. He is hoping for a fresh start, to put his wife’s recent mental health issues in the past and build toward a better life. His daughter Cathy (Randi Allen) seems right at home in her new house, exploring the rooms and finding an old doll that she quickly becomes attached to. But Cathy soon starts to exhibit some unusual behavior, as if the new house is having a strange effect on her. She alienates herself from some neighbor children when she curses and even cuts one of them. Cathy’s behavioral shifts impact her mother Vivian (Beverly Murray), who is concerned for her daughter’s well being, but George dismisses her worries as mental health stress. But when a nanny falls out of a second story window and a neighbor uses her talents as a medium to conjure up some strange visions, it starts to look like something sinister is at work. Has some kind of evil presence taken over Cathy, or is it just yet another breakdown that has Vivian’s mind playing tricks on her?

Entertainment Value: As frequent readers know, I love family dysfunction and mean spirited dialogue, so Cathy’s Curse is a natural fit. The story finds a young girl possessed by her dead aunt’s spirit, while her already mentally worn down mother suffers and her father is just an oblivious buffoon. If you need a tight narrative, you won’t find that here, as logic and story gaps pop in often. But it doesn’t matter in the least, as Cathy’s Curse is so much fun. Child actors in horror movies tend to annoy more than entertain, but Randi Allen is fantastic here as Cathy. Her facial expressions are just golden and convey so much more than words could, like her look of self satisfaction as she berates a neighbor with profane insults. Alan Scarfe is also hilarious as maybe the most oblivious guy in horror history, just smiling and nodding as his life crumbles around him. Cathy’s mom is also played with dead eyed greatness, so the core household is well represented and well performed. This is just one of those movies that defies all reason and makes little sense, but never fails to entertain. If you appreciate the cinema of the unusual, Cathy’s Curse is a must for your collection.

A memorable bath scene is here, but you won’t remember the minimal flesh on showcase. On the blood side, there’s not a lot of the red stuff, but it does creep in here and there. The bath tub scene is awesome and we also have poor Paul and his trials & tribulations, not to mention some humorous makeup effects at times. This is not a movie driven by gore and bloodshed, but it does have a few scenes of crimson goodness. As far as dialogue, Cathy’s Curse delivers and then some. Cathy’s cruel lines are just hilarious, especially as she breaks down her own mother. She is such a mean character and her interactions with other characters are priceless. Her dad doesn’t have a wealth of great lines, but his overall dumbassery is classic. And never count out Paul, who rattles off some good ones once he’s had a drink or two. On the insanity scale, this movie just has that wonderful, crazy vibe that cult film fans love so much. The logic gaps, the colorful characters, cruel dialogue, and weird vibes all earn points here. If you’re looking for an unusual, off the wall movie, this one fills that need.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 8/10

Overall Insanity: 7/10

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