Plot: A kind of mondo approach to black sexuality, Black Love touts itself as a science experiment or social education, but come on. The film follows a series of black people as they engage in various sex acts, not to mention dancing in various stages of undress. A couple bangs it out in the backseat of a car, a girl peeps on her parents in the act, all while the narrator informs us this how black people learn to have sex. He describes the stroking style and contractions of the buttocks, all that pertinent information. We then see a group of people at a dance club, as we’re told how different they are, in hair styles, body types, and skin color. Then everyone is topless and soon after that, everyone is dancing it up in the nude. We are even shown the proper methods of seduction, the importance of foreplay, and so much more crucial information. As the poster promises, everything you might imagine is shown.

Entertainment Value: The movie assures us this isn’t an erotic film, but Black Love is indeed hardcore porn. But it is hardcore porn from Herschell Gordon Lewis, which earns it a special place in the cinematic world. While the involvement of Lewis is sure to be what draws most viewers to this one, little of his signature elements are present. His direction is solid, but unremarkable for Black Love, but still, H.G. Lewis porn is worth a spot in the collection. The movie is presented in typical mondo fashion, with promises that the purpose is for enlightenment, not excitement. The sex shown is hardcore, but just shown in segments, never a full “start to finish” session. And the narrator works double tough to keep us assured of the educational and social value of the movie, scolding us should we think this is just porn. This is an interesting piece of cinema, one that is bound to offend some, confuse others, and be an unintentionally hilarious party movie for others. If you want to watch it as porn, you’ll likely be disappointed, but as a dated curio, Black Love is an interesting watch.

This is hardcore porn, so there’s nakedness, sex, and hairy assholes galore. As I said above, the sex here is just shown in segments and that means partial sessions and we rarely see the conclusion. Just a glimpse inside the erotic world of Black Love, then we are transported to a new session. The sex shown is tame by just about any standard, with missionary, cowgirl, some oral, and one doggy-style scene. The narrator is so hilarious during the sex, his commentary steals the show. He describes it as “dog fashion” and tells us the benefits of such a position, including the psychological side. Nothing wild in the least, just some basic sex. No blood in this one. The narrator serves as the only dialogue and he is awkward, hilarious, and cringe worthy throughout. He talks about a young girl watching her parents fuck as if it were the most natural thing ever. He says this is great and really opens up the eyes of the youth toward the passions of Black Love. Just one terrible line after another, describing sex in laughable ways and trying to be dead serious, as if this material needs the gravitas . Aside from the narration, involvement of Lewis, and premise of treating black people like nature documentary subjects, not much crazy happens. Even so, the movie is so awkward and dated, it is astonishing to watch at times and is never dull.

Nudity: 10/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10

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