Plot: A group of friends is headed to a remote cabin in the woods, to spend a weekend of booze, sex, and good times. The younger brother of one of the friends manages to stow away and join the festivities, while the group also encounters three men on the side of the road. The men need a hotel, but in the rural woods there are none, so the group invites the men to join up. While the men seem to be friendly for the most part, they also have a secret that could impact the weekend. Now the cabin is host to a large number of guests and the party kicks off in style, but there’s one uninvited guest involved. While some of the friends guzzle booze and try to get laid, a dark figure lurks outside, a half man, half rabbit creature with a huge penis and a lust for fresh pussy. Soon this beast is tearing people limb from limb, fucking a path of carnage across the wooded landscape, with no end in sight. Will anyone be able to survive the creature’s carnal rage, or will they all be fucked in the end?

Entertainment Value: A man sized rabbit with a foot long penis on a murderous rampage…yes please. Bunny the Killer Thing has a fun premise and runs with it, rarely letting the narrative interrupt the good times. A little exposition at the start and toward the end, but otherwise, its blood soaked, sex fueled violence. At the same time, there’s an edge of dark humor and of course, the whole concept is just silly. The bunny involved is dingy and dank, which makes it all the better as he hunts down his sexual prey. I’ve read reviews where critics lambasted how fake the rabbit suit looks, but come on. It looks cool and to me, that is what matters in this case. The sexual violence is sure to offend some, not to mention the creeper scenes where a girl molests her female friend while she is passed out. But the tone here is so over the top, even a female Cosby situation has a sick, dark humor about it. There’s ample rape and the rabbit isn’t choosy about which holes, even skull fucking a guy at one point. I had fun with this movie and the idea of a pussy obsessed, man/rabbit hybrid out for blood is just awesome. So if you like bizarre cinema or blood soaked mayhem, give it a look.

Not much genuine nakedness here, but a lot of prosthetics on showcase. We do see one set of lovely breasts and a few bare asses, both male and female. And of course the giant swinging dick of our rabbit killer, which he twirls like a lasso between fits of lustful, murderous rage. There’s also other fake dicks toward the conclusion, as well as an angry, pulsating prosthetic vagina. This one has a wealth of blood, often spraying in geysers and soaking the area. So when a leg (or other appendage) is torn off, fountains of blood erupt in a beautiful, absurd fashion. There’s also gun shots, skull fucking, and other instances of bloodshed, most of which have that same level of exuberance. Good stuff and some really fun, over the top gore here. Some broad humor is employed and it has some funny moments, but nothing that stands out as memorable. I mean, the rabbit growling about fresh pussy is memorable, I suppose. This one is pretty nuts, from a wild concept to the dark, chaotic approach taken, with ample bloodshed and sexual violence. The finale offers even more lunacy and really pushes the insanity up a lot, so if you want crazy, this movie has it in spades.

Nudity: 3/10

Blood: 8/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 8/10

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