Plot: Howard Morgan (Jeff Pomerantz) designs stories for the popular Virtual Reality Service devices, which transport users inside these immersive worlds. He lives on the Moon with the rest of the wealthy elite, but he has to return to Earth to meet with his publisher. While there, he takes in the sights and sounds, not to mention women, but also has another plan in mind. He is going to have a secret meet with someone who claims to have inside information on New Body, a corporation that provides clients with new organs and other body modifications. As it turns out, he was set up and now he’s dead, with his heart torn out. His wife Nancy (Meg Foster) wants answers so she heads to Earth and encounters Walker (Don “The Dragon” Wilson), a cyborg bounty hunter who was hired by her husband. If Nancy is going to survive, let alone find out the truth, she will need Walker’s help and protection. But can even a cyborg bad ass like Walker contend with the firestorm that waits ahead?

Entertainment Value: As you watch Future Kick, you might notice some of the scenes look familiar and you’d be right to think so. As Roger Corman loved to do, he reused footage from other movies here, such as Galaxy of Terror and Stripped to Kill II. I can’t fault a Corman movie for being a Corman movie though, so we will just accept this old footage as if it were our own. The story borrows from several sources, but plops us down in a future that is one hilarious place. I mean, we have virtual reality that is just headphones, sunglasses as full scanners, video games that are played to the death, and of course, genital enlargement. The production values aren’t good, but that is part of the fun in these kind of B action movies, at least to me. Don “The Dragon” Wilson is on deck and does what he can, looking mean and showing off his martial arts skills. You’ll also see Meg Foster in this one, who is quite a solid get for this kind of movie and she brings a solid performance. If you have an appreciation for these kind of B action movies, you’ll be entertained here.

A lot of breasts in this one, some recycled from other movies and some fresh, but hey, boobs are boobs. A nice volume and variety of jugs are on showcase here, as well as one scene with a bare ass. There’s more blood than you might expect, with several stabbings and of course, some fisticuffs bloodshed. The highlights have to be a couple of very fun head explosions though, which add some entertainment. You’ll see some spurts here and there from various sources as well, so a decent amount of crimson here. Not as much goofy dialogue as I would like, mainly because “The Dragon” doesn’t get that many lines this time around. But some silly tech speak and future lingo are fun, so there’s a point or so worth. On the insanity side, we have recycled footage, a low rent vision of the future, and Chris Penn cast as a bad ass. I have no idea who thought Chris Penn vs. Don Wilson should headline Future Kick, but man, what an idea. But in the end, Future Kick isn’t as off the rails as it could have been and it stays mostly within the standard confines of a sci/fi action flick.

Nudity: 4/10

Blood: 5/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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