Plot: A horrific car accident has left a woman dead, her blood and brains splattered all over the road. She was crashed into by two drunk men and while the accident is indeed brutal, it is nothing compared to what the police are about to uncover. After the men are cuffed, their car is searched and in the glove compartment the police find a gun and a video camera. The tape inside the camera shows the men torturing a transvestite prostitute, a violent and degrading session of abuse and torment. This leads a detective to interrogate the men to learn the full scope of their crimes, which leads to more tapes and more acts of sadistic violence. As the minds and crimes of these two men are explored, the police search for answers or causes, desperate to find out why these brutal crimes have taken place. But even when the entire truth is laid out, can anything make this kind of violence make sense?

Entertainment Value: Films like The Human Centipede and Hostel involve graphic, violent content, but also entertain with a dark sense of humor. This is why they’ve found audiences in normal horror circles, despite the extreme content involved. Atroz is unlikely to win over that casual audience or even some dedicated horror fans, as it presents a world of violence, sadism, and sexual torture with no relief, humor or otherwise. This is a dark, unflinching experience that deals with a difficult topic, as sexual identity seems to be a running theme. How this is explored is certain to offend and alienate most viewers, but I think staying true to a vision is important, regardless of how it is received. Atroz is bold and presents an experience that is divisive, but powerful and unforgettable. I have a hard time seeing most people go back for repeat viewings, but that doesn’t lessen how effective it is. This is one that will test viewers and push their boundaries, without question.

There are several scenes of intense sexual violence and within those, nudity of both male and female varieties. Breasts, bare ass, and even full frontal male nudity are present, though always during these scenes of violence. On the blood side, there is ample blood and violence in Atroz. The bloodshed is graphic in many of the scenes, but when paired with the sexual element it seems to hit much harder. This includes multiple rape scenes and general sexual control, which are certain to raise more of a reaction than your standard gore. There’s even an internal view of a man being forcefully sodomized by a barbed wire covered strap on. The dialogue isn’t all that memorable outside of the interrogation scenes, since the on screen actions tend to take up your focus. Atroz earns the full score on the insanity meter, thanks to the dark tone that offers no quarter and hard to watch sexual violence. This is insane stuff and likely to stick with you long after the credits roll.

Nudity: 4/10

Blood: 10/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 10/10

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