Plot: Los Angeles is infected with crime,  the streets overrun with dangerous criminals that flood the city like a plague. With limited manpower and an ever rising tide of crime, the LAPD faced an impossible situation. But rumors persist that the LAPD took action and created a kind of super cop, someone to help even the odds. As rookie officer Gable (Tyler Ross) learns, those rumors are true. He has been assigned to a small task force that provides passive backup to that super cop, a beast of an officer named Downe (Kim Coates). Officer Downe marches into strongholds and wages a one man war against the city’s most dangerous criminals, until he dies in the line of duty. But Downe doesn’t stay dead, as the LAPD has some dark science that resurrects him after each death. Once he is back, Downe picks up where he left off and charges into battle against the crime lords. The presence of Downe has the city’s top crime syndicate quite concerned, so the leaders of Fortune 500 hire an assassin to dispatch him once and for all. Can Downe ever truly be killed, even by an elite assassin like Zen Master Flash and what role will Gable play in this showdown?

Entertainment Value: Officer Downe is based on a graphic novel and the movie has a wild, kinetic texture that feels like a live action comic book. The quick cuts, colorful visuals, over the top characters, and hyper violence all resonate as comic book inspired. The story is of course, beyond off the rails, centered on a seemingly immortal cop powered by a cadre of telekinetic volunteers. But it works, as the movie embraces the madness and despite the wacky elements, manages to retain a little grit. Kim Coates has the lead and is the main reason Officer Downe works as well as it does. Coates is able to pull off these tough guy roles and he does it again here, with a nice spark of humor from time to time. In between assaults on criminal bosses, Downe loves to go down on hot blondes, for example. The rest of the cast is fine, with some familiar faces in smaller roles, such as Alison Lohman and Glenn Howerton. The pace is frenetic most of the time, with ample action and a host of visual tricks, including some interesting character designs. Officer Downe is on the derivative side and is more style than substance, but it is still decent fun.

Just one nude scene, but the breasts on showcase are spectacular. On the blood side, this movie is soaked in visceral bloodshed. I was let down to see so much CGI blood, as it looks bad and lessens the fun of the violence. But it is a little better here than in most movies and the comic book style of the film meshes with the hyper doses of blood well. After all, some of the things in this movie simply couldn’t be done with practical effects. Even so, I am not sold on CGI gore, so that was a disappointment. There’s still ample blood though, including some nice body part removals and a nice head explosion. So we have a blend of CGI and practical effects, which combine to create a real mess of the red stuff in almost every scene. The violence is plentiful and a lot of fun to watch. Downe has some one liners that will either make you laugh or groan, dependent on your sense of humor and tolerance for tough guy talk. The villains offer some nice lines now and then, but the dialogue does try too hard at times to be cool, which is never good. The story, the characters, the visual design, and the violence all weave one seizure inducing, over the top experience here. As I said above, the movie is derivative, but it is still pretty crazy stuff.

Nudity: 2/10

Blood: 7/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 6/10

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