Plot: Y.C. Chan (James Hong) is the head of a ruthless criminal syndicate, with his right hand woman Madame Woo (Pamela Yen) never far from his side. Woo has overseen a project tasked with developing a unique new method of torture, one like the world has never seen. This has resulted in a powerful serum, engineered to enhance sexual pleasure but block the release of that sexual energy. While it might not sound brutal, it pushes the subjects into such heights of ecstasy that they beg for release, willing to do whatever to make that happen. This leads to classified information being revealed, top secret plans uncovered, and more, which Chan intends to exploit to the fullest. Now Chan’s organization has kidnapped a brilliant biochemist (Anette Haven), who was working with government agent David (Tom Douglass) to look into the chemical side of Chan’s projects. Now she is put through the serum’s sexual torture, but can David rescue her in time or will she be driven off the deep end?

Entertainment Value: China Girl seeks to combine elements of crime thrillers, martial arts, and hardcore porn. I love this concept, as some wild movies have been created when porn creators have attempted to add other genres into their work. In this case, the movie has less sex than a standard porn feature, but adds in more story elements and action scenes. So you still have hardcore sex in some scenes, but time is also devoted to the other ingredients, which creates quite a fun picture. The acting is what you’d expect, not all that good but some nice unintentional humor at times. It was cool to see James Hong in a porn, though of course he isn’t involved in the sex scenes. The story is hilarious, a serum that induces sexual torment, but it is treated like serious business, which is great. While the added time to explore the story is ok, this is still a porn first and foremost. So the B movie crime elements are fun, but not the driving force here. I also wish there was more martial arts, as the little that is here is quite fun and I hoped for more. China Girl is an interesting movie and I love that the creators tried to do more than the usual porn, but it is still that above all else.

As this is a hardcore porn, there’s actual sex in numerous scenes. China Girl doesn’t have as many sex scenes as an average porn though, as more screen time is devoted to the wild plot lines. Even so, there’s a lot of sex here and yes, it is often spliced with various story elements, even martial arts fights. So if you just want sex above all, China Girl might be a suboptimal choice, as it sometimes cuts back and forth. Its not just here’s a scene, here’s a full sex scene, as the movie moves between scenes in several of the sex scenes. Even so, there’s plenty of sex and a nice variety of it, including the performance of the legendary Annette Haven. No blood. The dialogue is pretty serious here, so we have some exchanges that provide unintentional laughs, but not as many as you might think. The scenes with Madame Woo and Chan tend to have been my favorites for memorable dialogue. A porn with a crime story and kung fu is pretty wild, but China Girl doesn’t dial up the chaos like it could have. The concept is a little out there, but the tone is grounded for the most part.

Nudity: 10/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 3/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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