Plot: A nuclear holocaust has driven most of mankind underground, but some returned to the surface to scavenge and build new societies. A group of bikers is one such roving band of scavengers, looting buildings for supplies and usable materials. The latest structure they’ve raided proves to be a rich find, as the building has clean water, crates of food, and fairly nice living conditions. The group binges on the food, even wasting a good deal of it, then discovers the place is a lab of some kind. A hydroponic garden is up and running, as is a water filtration system, so this quite a place. But they’re not alone, as the building is also home to thousands upon thousands of rats. Not just run of the mill rats either, as they learn when they find dead bodies that have been devoured. The bikers still seem quite unconcerned, at least until some of them start to turn up dead. With extremely valuable supplies on the line, can the bikers manage to reclaim the lab from the rats, or will they all just be the rodents’ next feeding frenzy?

Entertainment Value: Rats: Night of Terror is just outlandish nonsense that proves to be a lot of fun to watch. The story makes no sense, but it does what it needs to do, line up the bikers for consumption. And these bikers are fantastic, alternating between sheer idiocy and deep philosophical thoughts. You seriously couldn’t predict what kind of wild shit these characters might say next, its just madness. I also love that the cast overreacts to minor things, then undersells huge revelations. The voice work only serves to add even more lunacy to the experience, with some characters even having hilarious, twang riddled Southern accents. Just amazing shit. The pace is slow in places, but the movie is just so strange it never really drops off. Even slow scenes are fun thanks to the off the rails dialogue and performances. Rats: Night of Terror is not going to appeal to most viewers, but if you’re into Italian horror movies, animals attack flicks, or you just love the wild world of Bruno Mattei, give it a spin.

Only one naked girl, but she shows it all off here. She’s totally nude, including full frontal and as a bonus, the guy she is with shows his cock and balls too. So when you have rats and a floppy dong in the same flick, that is pure magic. The blood is more than solid, but we have buckets upon buckets of rats too! The rats are poured on the cast, thrown at the cast, and pretty much just tossed everywhere. The highlights for me are scenes where the rats burrow out of bodies from the inside, as that is just sick shit. The blood is mostly the aftermath of the attacks, but the effects are mostly good. I also love the scene where a woman’s head just kind of pops off while her corpse is held by someone else. Not a total bloodbath, but some good moments. Between the overreactions, insane dialogue, and voice work, just about every line is hilarious here. A lot of quote worthy exchanges and just a barrel of fun dialogue in this one. Tons of rats, wacky performances, nonsense dialogue, Rats: of Terror has a lot in the crazy tank. But nothing tops the stunning finale, which earns a couple extra points all by itself.

Nudity: 2/10

Blood: 6/10

Dialogue: 8/10

Overall Insanity: 7/10

The Disc: 88 Films bows Rats: Night of Terror on Blu-ray in a rock solid presentation, with a super clean print and minimal concerns. The image yields great detail and has a sharp overall texture, with a little digital noise, but not much. The colors and contrast look better than expected, so 88 Films has done some terrific work here. You can choose between lossless English and Italian soundtracks, with newly translated English subtitles also provided. The extras here include a nearly half hour interview with leads Ottaviano Dell’Acqua and Massimo Vanni, which has some good inside information and covers the experience of working for Bruno Mattei. You can also watch a twenty minute piece with composer Luigi Ceccarelli, which proves to be a worthwhile rundown of both his personal and professional interests. The film’s theatrical trailer is also included. A limited edition version of this release includes a beautiful slipcover. a sizable foldout poster, and a booklet with an interview with Geretta Geretta, conducted by Dr. Calum Waddell.

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