Plot: A man (Dan Ellis) is held in a white, padded room wearing only a hospital gown, with no idea how or why he is there. He is unable to leave, as those who imprison him have a plan for his presence. After he is brought into an operating room of sorts, a doctor (Andy Winton) appears and begins a torturous procedure. The prisoner’s tongue is severed, in what seems to be an attempt to minimize his verbal feedback. He is then thrown back into the room, with no explanation for what just happened. He is of course horrified by his situation and begins to break down, only to have one of the doctor’s assistants tell him to keep quiet or lose his voice box. The man is left to agonize in solitude aside from a visit from the assistant, who gives him some kind of mush to eat. But when a small note is pushed in from the cell next door, the man recovers a sliver of hope. As he opens the note, he sees its message…Welcome to Hell.

Entertainment Value: The second installment in Unearthed Films’ American Guinea Pig series, Bloodshock makes some bold choices. Make no mistake, Bloodshock is packed with realistic, graphic gore, but it also allows a story to be told, even if it is one that is told in non traditional ways. This seems to have divided even genre fans, who either disapproved of focus on anything but gore or who overlooked the storytelling cues in total. I also feel like Bloodshock gets an unfair slant because of the Guinea Pig name, as some folks simply don’t like the idea of the American series. I will say that some of the gore effects are a little too repetitive at times, but aside from that I think Bloodshock is rock solid. The cast is fine, especially Dan Ellis who has to emote a lot and is able to effectively convey the depths of his suffering. I like the black & white visuals, another point of contention for some, though it does lessen the impact of some of the gore effects. The pace is a touch slow at times, but I was never bored, more just wanting to see what happened next. This movie has good tension, great effects, and is able to add an interesting story dynamic to the torture porn. I know most audiences will be horrified and scarred, but for genre fans, Bloodshock is recommended.

A couple of topless scenes, including one of the wildest, most unhinged sex scenes I think I’ve ever seen. I don’t want to go into detail though, as it is the kind of thing you just have to see for yourself. But you get a topless girl and some bare ass, so there is nudity involved in this one. Oh, the blood. This movie has a lot of gore, most of which is done with very realistic effects work. I think the highlight for me was the finale, which is mind blowing, but I also loved the bone saw moments. The little shards of bone, the sound of the saw, its just insane. This is top tier effects work and it is on frequent showcase, so there’s ample gore in Bloodshock. There’s not much dialogue and its pretty basic when it happens, so no real quotable lines. The movie is crazy enough with the torture, the medical slant, and the effects, but then the finale just plunges off the deep end. I mean, this is just something you need to witness for yourself, such awesome stuff.

Nudity: 2/10

Blood: 10/10

Dialogue: 0/10

Overall Insanity: 10/10

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