Plot: Camp Rolling Hills is open and promises a summer of fun, relaxation, and outdoor adventures. Of course, some of the campers plan to get a little rowdy and partake of alcohol, drugs, and fornication. But counselor Angela (Pamela Springsteen) is not going to put up with troublemakers or sluts, not on her watch. Most counselors would overlook minor infractions or issue soft punishments, but when Angela discovers bad campers, she has no such mercy. This is evident when she reports that she had to send a camper home, when in fact she burned that camper alive. This murderous rampage continues and each time, the camp grows smaller and smaller. When a camper asks questions about those who are missing, Angela chokes her to death. But as the bodies pile up, how long can Angela hide her blood soaked tendencies?

Entertainment Value: Sleepaway Camp II is a sequel of course, but it takes Angela’s story where it wants to. While it isn’t a wholly faithful sequel, it does preserve Angela as a bat shit crazy killer and that’s a comfort, of course. This movie has a more comedic tone and isn’t as mean spirited as the original. That’s going to please some and upset others, but I think Sleepaway Camp II blends the horror and dark humor well. Pamela Springsteen takes over as Angela and turns in an over the top, but likable effort. I think you have to kind of root for her, as she is fun to watch and clearly enjoys what she does. The rest of the cast is solid too, from the awkward dumb guy counselor to the goody two shoes camper to the ravenous slut, they’re all here. The original Sleepaway Camp was a superior slasher, but Sleepaway Camp II is still a lot of fun.

A lot of Valerie Hartman’s tits in this one and that’s great news. She shows off them in all kinds of ways, even though we all know good girls don’t have to show it off. The highlight for her is a scene where she cowgirls a guy out in the wood, arching her back like a true champion.  Hartman occupies most of the nude scenes in Sleepaway Camp II, but we do see another girl topless as well. The blood side is much more populated, as Angela slays everyone in sight in various ways. She lops off a head, slits a throat, stabs a poor girl in the back, garrotes a camper, lets one get covered by shit and leeches, and more. A high body count and some fun, creative kills by a killer who always entertains. Angela has some cringe worthy lines that suit her character perfectly, while we also have some 80s style lingo that is always a good time. On the crazy side, Springsteen’s performance is wild, but the comedic tone and slasher formula keep the craziness mostly grounded.

Nudity: 4/10

Blood: 6/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10

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