Plot: Reverend Samuel Moss (Barry Bell) tries to be a good man and a faithful shepherd to his congregation, but he struggles in his own marriage. His wife Clair (Nita Patterson) has no interest in physical affection, even telling her husband she has to count the cracks in the ceiling when he touches her. At the same time, the beautiful young Marilyn (Katherine Cortez) has the same problem with her husband won’t lay a finger on (or in) her, even though she tries to look her best. But when Samuel and Marilyn cross paths and reveal their problems, they find comfort in the arms of each other. The two engage in an affair that makes them both feel alive again, even if they can’t be together for real, given the social consequences. When Samuel and Marilyn are found murdered in brutal fashion, the list of suspects is a long one. But who killed the scandalous lovers and will the convicted person face The Electric Chair?

Entertainment Value: I do want to note I watched the extended 97 minute version of The Electric Chair from Code Red, which runs over fifteen minutes longer than the more common cut seen on Something Weird’s DVD. This is not a horror movie, but more of a Southern fried drama with a crime/courtroom slant. The narrative is what it is, not a rich tapestry, but it does what it needs to. The real draw of The Electric Chair is the cast, which seems to be mostly amateurs, the kind you’d find at a local community theater. This results in some hilarious performances and since the dialogue is shaky at best, the fun is more than doubled. The Southern feel only serves to raise the entertainment level, as bad acting with Southern accents is even better. I am sure most will not appreciate this one, as it drags in places and is very dialogue driven, but I think The Electric Chair is riotous fun. If you’re a fan of B movies with a Southern tilt, give it a chance.

A good old country gal gets topless in front of her mirror, stares awkwardly at herself for a while, then pouts when her pantyhose have a run. The same chick also shows off her jugs again during a sex scene with the good reverend. And later she once again shows off her assets, but this time at gunpoint in a memorable scene. Another woman gets totally nude, showing breasts and bare ass in a dance club scene. On the blood front, we have a nice courtroom shoot out and of course, the murder of the couple. None of this is graphic, but at least there’s some violence and bloodshed, right? You also get to see the execution, which is always fun. The writing here is offbeat and the dialogue doesn’t smoothly flow, so when performed by mostly non actors, it results in great humor. A number of lines stand out as memorable, so this movie delivers in that area. Aside from the odd dialogue flow and amateur cast, this is a pretty straight forward courtroom drama. Not that crazy, but it is still fun to watch.

Nudity: 2/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10