Plot: In the field of mercenaries, few can hold a candle to The Machine Gun Woman (Fernanda Urrejola). She wields a gun with precision and without hesitation, putting down anyone who dares get in her path. Not only can she knock out high level targets, she can eliminate other elite mercenaries…with ease. But she has a bounty on her own head as well, one worth a fortune even if it seems impossible to cash in. While on the toilet, loser Santiago (Matias Oviedo) overhears his boss talking about the bounty and since he used to date the mercenary femme fatale, he chimes in. Now Santiago has promised to deliver The Machine Gun Woman in 24 hours and if he somehow fails this task, he will face a fate much worse than death. Even if he can somehow find The Machine Gun Woman, can he do what even trained mercenaries are unable to do?

Entertainment Value: A hot woman wearing almost nothing, killing her enemies with an assault rifle, Bring Me the Head of the Machine Gun Woman knows how to craft a character we can get behind. She might not have the most screen time, but Fernanda Urrejola is the star of this one. She has excellent presence and swagger, making every scene of hers memorable. The film’s story is passable, with what feels like a weak lead, but the Grand Theft Auto fan service touches are nice. I just couldn’t get behind the main character, who felt underdeveloped and overly cliched. Even so, the rest of the cast and the focus on action ensured the movie didn’t suffer that much. Even so, a stronger actor and better developed character could have really improved this one. In the end, this is a brisk, fun movie that has a dynamic character in The Machine Gun Woman, some effective humor, and very memorable action scenes. So if you like wild action movies that don’t spare the blood, check out this movie.

A topless salsa scene gives us the boobs of a couple background actresses, but that’s all the nakedness here. No Machine Gun Woman nude scene and the sex scene she has, even the guy keeps his pants on. So yeah. But there will be blood. Most of the violence here is gun based and that means plenty of squibs splashing around the red stuff. A highlight is when Machine Gun Woman shoots a guy in the dick, giving new meaning to the idea of a head shot. A couple other instances of non gun violence also appear, including one where a guy gets an anal oil change. No really memorable dialogue, but you’ll remember Fernanda’s presence, with that fur coat and little else. The hyper tone doesn’t really translate into a crazy movie, more of a B action flick with some inspired moments. Machine Gun Woman herself is the peak of the insanity and while she is quite awesome, she isn’t enough to score this one high in craziness.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 5/10

Dialogue: 0/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10

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