Plot: A young girl walking alone alongside the road catches the attention of a passing motorist, who stops to make sure the girl is safe. When the girl turns around, she is holding her own eye in her hand as it has been carved out. All the girl says when she is approached is “he hurt me.” Decades later, the stories about the kids with missing eyes still haunt the area, like a ghost story that never vanishes. Helen (Cait Bliss) cares for a young boy named Lucas, whose mother has passed on. Lucas is interested in all things eerie and scary, despite the nightmares and paranoia he experiences. She tries to comfort him and tells him the stories were from a long time ago, but he is certain the old man still lurks around. When Lucas goes missing, Helen is forced to face the dark stories for real. Can she find Lucas before its too late or will he become another chapter in the sick legacy of the Child Eater?

Entertainment Value: A memorable madman can do a lot for a horror movie, but that is easier said than done. Child Eater manages do just that however, giving us a monster that is creepy and has a look you won’t soon forget. I found the story to be solid, if not all that original, what with a local legend coming to life and all. But it is well told here, with good atmosphere and some effective jump scares. The cast is passable, but mostly forgettable, with the exception of Cait Bliss. Her performance is quite good, with an inner turmoil that really comes across on screen. The others aren’t bad by any means, but Bliss is the film’s anchor, I think. The tone is serious and that is not often nailed by indie horror makers, but it works here. With a great bad guy, a terrific leading lady, good atmosphere, and solid production values, Child Eater is head and shoulders above the usual indie horror crowd, without question.

No sex scenes or nudity in this one. There is an awkward pregnancy reveal however, which of course includes the requisite “is it mine?” from the dude. We do have some blood though. The story is about a guy who pops out eyes and eats them, so yes, we see the dining on ocular treats. The effects look more than solid, with some effort toward realism and that’s appreciated. The method is the same with each kill eye-wise, but we do also get to see a douche caught in a bear trap and some slingshot marksmanship. Not a boat load of gore in Child Eater, but it delivers the blood when it needs to. No memorable dialogue, as the writing is solid and serious in tone. A guy running around in the woods eating eyes is pretty crazy, but the film itself is not gonzo or over the top. Just a solid, straight forward horror movie.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 3/10

Dialogue: 0/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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