Plot: A school bus transports cheerleaders from three different schools to a meet, so of course mischief unfolds. The girls compete to see who can make an old man veer off the road, using their feminine wiles to distract him. A girl presses her bare breasts against the glass to win, causing the man’s truck to swerve all over the road. As night falls, the bus is stopped at a barricade and a police officer asks the driver to step outside. He then knocks out the driver and it becomes apparent that all is not as it seems. The man is no cop and he and his cohorts take over the school bus and drive to a remote house. The plan is hold the girls hostage, demand two million dollars in ransom, and live the good life once it all works out. The real police are soon involved, as is a radio personality chosen by the captors to deliver messages in his broadcast. Will the kidnappers end up with the millions or will the girls prove to be too much to handle?

Entertainment Value: Also known as the more appropriate The Great American Girl Robbery, Cheerleaders’ Wild Weekend combines cheesecake fun with light rough stuff for a solid drive-in picture. The shifts in tone seem to throw off some reviewers, but its not like David Hess is here crushing the souls of the girls. A couple of scenes are tense and on the rough side, but its infrequent. The idea of going from a wild strip show to near rape is jarring, but its exploitation, so its not unheard of. Things do take a more serious turn toward the end, but this is not a savage, rough picture. The cast is loaded with beautiful girls, plus Flesh Gordon himself and Leon Isaac Kennedy in his movie debut. The film has some odd moments, but offers fun, drive-in style entertainment. Worth a look to those who appreciate cheesecake and exploitation cinema in general.

Cheerleaders’ Wild Weekend has a good amount of nudity, as you’d expect. A highlight is a double topless scene where a lesbian nurse bathes one of her captives. The jugs against the bus window also stands out as memorable. A lot of bare breasts, some bare ass, but only one brief frontal scene. In addition to the actual nudity, there’s always girls in their underwear prancing about. No blood in this one aside from one gunshot to the toes. A few humorous lines, but not really stuff you’d quote to your friends. The balance between crime picture and cheesecake gives the movie a little more craziness than normal, but Cheerleaders’ Wild Weekend doesn’t go overboard on either front. The very strange captive strip show ensures this gets an extra point on the scale, though.

Nudity: 6/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10