Plot: Helen Black (Shirley L. Jones) tries to be a good person, going to church and being a good example for those around her. She doesn’t purchase stolen items from the local fence and when her friend tells her to get laid, Helen instead convinces her friend to come to church. When she visits a small second hand shop, Helen sees an interesting looking puppet that catches her eye. She inquires about the puppet and the store owner warns her that the doll is said to have power, as well as granting the heartfelt desire of whoever owns it. The doll has been sold to several customers, but always finds its way back to the shop in the end. Helen laughs off the warning, but is drawn to the puppet and decides to go ahead and purchase it. Is the doll just a normal puppet or does it have a strange power, one that could pull Helen into darkness?

Entertainment Value: If you’re even a casual fan of horror cinema, Black Devil from Hell needs to be in your collection. A homemade horror picture that was shot on video, this is a wild, insanely fun movie. The doll itself was modeled to look like Rick James and does all the things you’d expect and then some. It does move a little slow at times, but the strange dialogue balances that out. The story involves a demonic puppet coming to life, but is really about a woman’s struggle with her sexual desires. You know, once you go black devil doll, you never go back. I’m sure some will deride that the puppet isn’t in most of the scenes, but the movie is still so off the rails, it doesn’t really matter. Play this movie at a party and it is sure to gather a crowd. A holy grail of shot on video horror, Black Devil Doll from Hell is one any genre fan should pick up.

You only get to see one woman get naked, but Shirley L. Jones is naked through most of the film, so there’s that. We see her in the shower, having sex with a puppet, and banging out random dudes, all while topless. If you own the Massacre Video DVD, you can even listen to Jones’ humorous comments on her nude scenes. The sex is non graphic, but the puppet does drag his enormous tongue all over the place. Very little bloodshed, just one scene with minimal red stuff. The dialogue is incredible here, with countless hilarious lines you won’t believe you just heard. Listen to a smooth ladies’ man deal with being told he was a sexual disappointment, just classic stuff. The concept is crazy, but the actual movie is even crazier. From the puppet itself to the absolutely insane dialogue, Black Devil Doll from Hell is one wild ride.

Nudity: 3/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 10/10

Overall Insanity: 8/10

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