Plot: Coffin Joe (Jose Mojica Marins) is the undertaker in a small village, a man with a reputation as a savage. He refuses to live by society’s rules and since no one is able to stop him, he engages in wild and unpredictable behavior. From ignoring religious edicts to trying to steal his friends’ women, nothing is off limits to Coffin Joe. He is not above violence either, such as cutting off the fingers of a man who hesitates to pay up during a card game. He is married to a beautiful and good woman, but she is unable to give him children. So he tires of her and kills her to gain his freedom, using a poisonous spider to do his dirty work. Coffin Joe wants to find just the right woman to give him a child, but only Terezinha (Magda Mei) is up to his standard and he plans to make her his own. To do so, he will have to go to lengths beyond his normal level of evil. Will Coffin Joe get his ideal woman or has he finally gone too far?

Entertainment Value: This movie has an entire village living in fear of a guy that wears a cloak and top hat. With his iconic wardrobe, long fingernails, and wild eyes, Coffin Joe is a legend in cult horror cinema. At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul is the start of director Jose Mojica Marins’ series of films about Coffin Joe and while he didn’t have much of a budget, he has immense imagination. The end result defies the limitations of the production, as Marins crafted a dark, atmospheric experience. The film does have some slower moments, but they’re infrequent. The other cast members aside from Marins are passable, with a memorable turn from the old witch lady in particular. The performances are good, much better than you might expect. The cast plays it straight and that helps keep the tension up, while Marins’ manic bursts keep things from being too serious. A cult classic across the world, At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul is a must see for genre fans.

No naked women, which is a shame since the movie has some real beauties. There is some blood to be found, but not all that much. Some non graphic violence leaves blood streaks behind and people bleed from the mouth, that kind of stuff. But a few scenes show off more severe violence and those are quite fun. A highlight for me is when Coffin Joe gets pissed while playing cards and cuts off a dude’s fingers right at the table. But he is a class guy, so he promises to cover the doctor bills. Not a lot of great quotes, but Marins is so unhinged in the role that most lines stand out. He screams like a lunatic, rants about religion, and shoots at a very fake looking owl. I don’t find the movie to be as crazy as its reputation makes it out to be, but At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul is still a wild one thanks to the vision and performance of Jose Mojica Marins.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 3/10

Dialogue: 3/10

Overall Insanity: 5/10

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