Plot: Pierre (Olivier Martin) is the son of a wealthy industrialist, a curious young man who is interested in his father’s…less than public investments. He knows that his father owns a club of sorts, a very exclusive locale that is almost impossible to get into. Pierre tries to get in on his own, but is denied and word reaches his father. Georges (Maurice Lemaitre) warns his son to stay out of his private business and instead, to just enjoy the women and money his lifestyle affords him. While Pierre could buy anything and have just about any woman he wants, he becomes obsessed with the underground club. He simply has to see inside and experience it, even if means going to extremes. Waiting outside the entrance, Pierre knocks out a man headed in and steals his invitation. The moment he has waited for is here, just a few steps away now. What happens inside this well hidden club and once he is inside, will Pierre wish he had never opened the door?

Entertainment Value: Jean Rollin has a resume loaded with vampire movies, but he didn’t make garden variety horror movies. In The Nude Vampire, the vampiric element is here but there’s so much more to the experience. The film has an eerie, creepy vibe from the start that only takes a firmer grasp as time passes. The animal masks, the unique fashion choices, and of course, the ritualistic club itself all lend The Nude Vampire a sense of unsettling dread. I love the eerie twin girls seen here, as they’re so hot but also seem like they’d torture and kill you without provocation. The cast takes the material seriously and performs well, especially the more ominous roles. The story is fine and hits the right marks, but the general atmosphere is what makes The Nude Vampire memorable.  An unnerving and eerie experience that Rollin fans will love.

As the title would lead you to believe, The Nude Vampire has some nakedness. A handful of ladies drop their tops and there’s one scene full frontal. The latter is a sequence with a black girl that lingers and lingers, exploring her body with the camera for more than a few minutes. The rest of the nudity is just topless girls and there are some nearly topless scenes, such as a strange dance routine with red nipple pasties. Not a wealth of blood to be found in this one, but there is some here and there. Some gun based violence doesn’t yield any gore, but there is still some blood at times. Never graphic and not often, but once the vampire is loose, the red stuff flows a little more. Not many memorable lines, but the movie has a number of memorable characters. The writing is good, if on the pretentious side, so not much wacky dialogue. The Nude Vampire isn’t insane in a gonzo way, but it is so eerie and unsettling, it earns a high score. The characters, the story, and the visuals all work together to create an unnerving experience.

Nudity: 5/10

Blood: 3/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 7/10

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