Plot: Shady Palms is a suburban medical center run out of…a house? Nurse Edith Mortley (Priscilla Alden) is in charge of the patients and runs the place with an iron fist, while her brother Dr. Gordon (Albert Eskinazi) handles the serious cases. This is no normal medical center however, as most of the patients wind up dead and the siblings run countless fraud operations. They submit false billing records and even overcharge for burying the patients who pass on in their care. And since they’re killing off most of their clients, that amounts to a good amount of income. Gordon even provides alcohol to a patient in rehab, in exchange for sexual favors, of course. As bodies pile up, the clinic risks discovery more and more, despite Edith’s efforts to be careful. How long can Shady Palms maintain its facade and will the truth ever be uncovered?

Entertainment Value: There’s low budget…and then there’s no budget. Death Nurse looks to have no real budget, but that doesn’t stop the cast & crew at all. No surgical mask for the doctor? Use a washcloth. No surgical saw? Just use a common handsaw. Those are just two of the hilarious ways director Nick Millard solved his financial limitations. I am sure some will look down on a movie like Death Nurse, lamenting that a home was used a clinic, but to me, its creative and inventive filmmaking. Millard wanted to make a movie and when he didn’t have what he needed, he improvised. And I think those decisions wind up making Death Nurse so much more entertaining than it should be. A man coughing non stop to illustrate his tuberculosis and a Weekend at Bernie’s style corpse manipulation stand out as personal favorite moments, not to mention feeding an old bitch some rat meat. I’m not a huge fan of using clips from Criminally Insane for the flashbacks, but you gotta cut corners where you can, I suppose.

Aside from a nosy old bitch in her nightie, no hot naked action in this one. We all wanted that Nurse Edith shower scene so bad too, right? Death Nurse does have some blood though, with a nice body count and several methods of death. A highlight for me was when Edith stabs a health inspector to death and it goes on so long, with outlandish reactions from the victim. The movie’s most impressive carnage is sadly from the footage in Criminally Insane, but hey its still cool to watch. The bloodshed is non graphic, but its still fun to see Edith dish out the violence. The movie has countless hilariously inept lines, most of which come from Nurse Edith. Her instant mood shifts are great and she takes no shit from anyone. And of course, she loves long awkward zoom ins. Death Nurse is a weird as shit movie that redefines low budget horror. The movie is only an hour long, but it packs in all the low rent entertainment you could want.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 5/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 6/10

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