Plot: Rex Romanski (Michael Reed) is the ultimate ladies man and the undisputed lord of the disco. His conquests are the stuff of legend, but his latest hook-up is a little clingy, to say the least. When he romances a black magic priestess and then never calls again, she unleashes a curse…on one of his other lovers. But Rex hasn’t dodged a bullet, as the curse overtakes the woman and consumes her with one drive, to kill Rex in brutal fashion. Rex has evaded some needy women, but against a black magic witch and a scorned, cursed demon, can even Rex make last call?

Entertainment Value: Aside from one of the coolest titles of all time, The Disco Exorcist is also a surreal, fun roller coaster back to the 70s. The visuals have even been tinkered with to make the film look worn and abused, so it looks as if someone found The Disco Exorcist in a shoe box in some abandoned storage unit. The movie plays up the camp angle, with manic performances and hilariously bad dialogue. I liked that the cast went a little insane in their efforts, but not too much. This keeps The Disco Exorcist in the camp scope, as opposed to flat out slapstick.

As expected, The Disco Exorcist offers up a buffet of sex and violence. This is great news, as who doesn’t love topless female demons with sharp weapons, right? There is more sex than blood however, with an almost constant flow of naked flesh as opposed to a mild dose of the red stuff. The film is also smart enough to not overstay the welcome, as it clocks in at around 80 minutes. So The Disco Exorcist wastes no time and is never dull even for a moment. For fans of 70s horror or just bad movies in general, The Disco Exorcist is worth a shot.

Nudity: 7/10

Blood: 3/10

Dialogue: 6/10

Overall Insanity: 5/10