Plot: In a scenic rural town, young women have started to disappear, but honestly, no one seems to care. The local youth population remains fun and fancy free, alternating between swimming and having unprotected sex. They face all kinds of tough social issues such as whether or not to blow a guy underwater, how to make love in a spooky house, and how to best support their large breasts. But at the same time, a pair of old mechanics have been kidnapping, raping, and selling young women, even as the youngsters continue to party and live the good life. But the mechanics aren’t just sexual sadists with dreams of tropical vacations, instead they are merely employees…of elderly aliens. Yes, these aliens use the life force of young women to keep themselves alive. Will they sacrifice every hot piece of ass in town or will someone, anyone step up and put an end to their reign of terror? Also, will any guy take off their pants during sex?

Entertainment Value: As I mentioned, no guys remove their pants during sex in Evils of the Night. This leads to hilariously awkward sex scenes of course, with a fully nude woman and a guy still wearing his Levis. That aside, Evils of the Night is a lot of fun and drips with 80s flavor. The cast list is impressive with such folks as Julie Newmar, John Carradine, Tina Louise, Amber Lynn, and Aldo Ray involved. As you’d expect, the performances are 80s teen horror style, which only adds to the good times. The story about the aliens is kind of pushed aside until its really needed, so the focus is mostly on a group of hot girls and their breasts. Evils of the Night moves at a brisk pace and never fails to entertain, with no real slow stretches or dull filler scenes. Even the more mundane moments are bolstered by either corny dialogue or bouncing boobs.

This one is loaded with naked girls, though the nudity slows down toward the conclusion. But until then, the movie offers up a steady stream of naked women and multiple full frontal scenes even. When they’re clothed, they wear 80s style revealing attire so even then, some nice eye candy. Not much in terms of blood and only a few scenes provide violence of any kind. There is an attempted gas station rape and some murders, but the gore is minimal. You’ll hear a good amount of 80s teen dialogue delivered in grand fashion, so that area is well represented here. Despite the wacky plot involved, Evils of the Night never really ramps up into batshit crazy territory, but it also entertains throughout. If you’re even a casual fan of 80s horror, this is one you’ll want to check out.

Nudity: 7/10

Blood: 3/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 4/10

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