Plot: Dylan (Neil Breen) lost his best friend when he was a child after she moved away, but not before they shared an unusual experience in the forest. Dylan and his friend found a hidden chest under a mystical mushroom, but the truth about that won’t be revealed until much later. As an adult, Dylan is struck by a car and almost killed, but he recovers and returns to life with his drug addict wife. But while in the hospital, he is treated by his childhood friend, now a doctor. Soon Dylan begins to have headaches and lashes out at his many laptops, driven to uncover government and corporate secrets. But as his life spirals out of control and he deals with some new mystical powers, he faces an imminent choice between his present and his past. Will Dylan ever finish his new book, will his teenage neighbor stop taking off her clothes, and will the world ever be the same after Dylan drops bombshells at a press conference?

Entertainment Value: If you haven’t seen Fateful Findings, stop reading this and go watch it now. This is about as off the wall as a movie can be, made all the more impressive by the modest production and near zombie performances. Some characters shout all their lines, anger is displayed in slow motion, and romance involves throwing papers in the air over and over again. Neil Breen essentially did everything himself on Fateful Findings and the film bears the marks of a single vision brought to fruition. No one to tell him no or suggest other ideas, just one guy running with his every whim. The result is simply masterful, the kind of movie you can’t believe is real even as you watch it. Not many movies are so insanely terrible that they border on genius, but Fateful Findings is certainly one of the proud few.

As this is a straight up drama, there isn’t much in terms of scares or bloodshed. There’s some minor blood here and there and gun violence, but again not much. As far as nudity, we are treated to the side jugs of one actress numerous times and “I can almost see something” nakedness, but hey at least we get to see Neil Breen’s ass in a hospital gown, right? Where Fateful Findings shines is dialogue and performances, as this is “did that just happen” material from start to finish. A lot of movies are poorly written and performed only to be forgotten over time, but Fateful Findings is the kind of rare gem that will be talked about until mankind ceases to exist. A tour de force of insanity that very few movies could ever compete with and as such, I have to give Fateful Findings a must see recommendation.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 10/10

Overall Insanity: 10/10

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