Plot: A body is dumped on the swamp shore, a mysterious turn of events that has the locals all riled up. A local lawman ventures into the swamp and meets a simple, but beautiful woman who has never known life outside the rugged swampland.He warns her of potential danger from the town’s angered residents, but also ensures her that he will protect her. This leads to a chain of events that has swamp girl learn the truth about her past and contemplate a future in the outside world. But when a pair of criminals head into the swamp to lay low and a trio of violent good old boys are hired to track down the killer, even swamp girl is pushed to the limit. Will she be able to survive and clear her name, or is she destined to be taken down by redneck justice?

Entertainment Value: Swamp Girl was obviously made on a very low budget, but retains a lot of charm and appeal. The main attraction here is the general country feel, as this has a metric ton of redneck texture. The good old boys, the country beauty, the kind hearted lawman, the casual racism…you get the idea. The dialogue is rock solid in terms of memorable lines and of course, they’re delivered with those twang infused accents. The story is quite odd and never really comes together, though the “twist” conclusion adds more wacky flavor. Not to mention the sex trafficking operation running out of the swamp, funneling unwanted children to the Middle East. The swamp girl herself is quite hot with a great 70s look, but sadly there isn’t much nudity to discuss here.

No nakedness. In terms of blood, there is a little but not much. What gore is here is quite tame, just some mild red stuff in a few scenes. A couple killings with a hatchet and some gun violence, none of which yields much real carnage. Despite the lack of traditional exploitation elements, Swamp Girl is quite fun and a big part of why is how authentic the movie feels. The theme of nature’s splendor is treated with respect and the interactions between swamp girl and the men around her seem earnest and sincere. The performances might not win awards, but they’re grounded and lend Swamp Girl that genuine charm. Some might be put off by the lack of blood and breasts, but I think anyone who appreciates offbeat movies can find a lot to like here.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10

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