Story: Chloe (Lexi Minetree) is celebrating the end of her high school days, enjoying some parties and wild times with her friends before graduation arrives. But the good times come to an abrupt end when the friends wind up in a horrific car accident, one that leaves Chloe badly injured and one of her friends dead. But Chloe manages to survive, thanks in part to the help of a paramedic Matt (Andrew Spach), who arrives on scene just in time. While he assists her at the accident scene, once at the hospital he shows some shady behavior, stealing personal items and sabotaging the medical care of he driver that crashed into Chloe’s friends. He presents her own items back to Chloe, pretending to have found them to impress her, which her mom doesn’t appreciate, but Chloe finds it to be sweet. But will Matt’s strange behavior continue and perhaps even escalate, or will Chloe be able to avoid his obsessive attention?

Entertainment Value: This Lifetime thriller took a while to grow on me, but I ended up having fun with The Paramedic Who Stalked Me. The narrative here is predictable, but more than solid for this kind of thriller and after a slightly slow start, things ramp up to Lifetime standards. I appreciate how the pace picks up as the movie progresses and the wackiness ramps up, with even some dark humor sneaking into the mix. The antics of wild paramedic Matt aren’t as melodramatic or emotional outburst style Lifetime villain stuff, but he does some insane things and is a memorable character. The solid cast helps distract from a storyline that we’ve seen countless times and while there are no big twists here to speak of, I do think the plot moves well and serves its purpose. I wouldn’t have minded some inexplicable twists and turns or more over the top melodrama, but this was a more than solid thriller from Lifetime.

A Lifetime thriller relies heavily on its villain to sink or swim, so luckily our paramedic stalker is a fun one, with Andrew Spach bringing our psycho to life. He doesn’t have the verbal barbs or melodramatic exchanges some villains thrive on, but he gets to do some wacky stuff and he seems to have fun in the role. His reactions are good and while his lines aren’t often memorable, he gets the mannerisms right and that makes a big difference. I think he has a good sense when it comes to timing and how to bounce off his costars as well. I wish he would have been given more to do, but he makes the most of what is here and in the end, delivers a more than competent Lifetime villain. The cast here also includes Lexi Minetree, Ashton Leigh, Maeve Quinlan, Anne-Marie Kennedy, and Gregory M. Mitchell.

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