Story: After the discovery of the mysterious atrocities that took place in Gatlin, Nebraska, the small town has become swarmed with people. This includes medical personnel, law enforcement, and of course reporters, one of whom is John (Terence Knox), a tabloid journalist who is traveling with son, Danny (Paul Scherrer). The two have a stressed relationship in the wake of John’s divorce, so an already tense situation grows even more so, once John learns more about Gatlin. At the same time, the children who enacted the slaughter of all the grownups are not seen as threats, since no one knows the full truth yet. Soon after he arrives, John meets a young man named Micah (Ryan Bollman), who is a leader of sorts for the surviving children and who has a very odd energy, to say the least. Can John get to the bottom of the Gatlin massacre before a repeat unfolds, or will He Who Walks Behind the Rows have the last laugh once again?

Entertainment Value: This sequel took a while to arrive, but picks up right where the original Children of the Corn left off, though it takes a different path, to be sure. I know the sequels in this series are knocked a lot, but I found this to be a fun b movie, with enough camp and wackiness to keep me entertained. The narrative is simple, as the movie just funnels more adults to the child cultists, but it does what it needs to do and at times, dials up the wilder elements. I didn’t find The Final Sacrifice to be scary at all, more b movie vibes with some humorous, over the top sequences that serve as the main attraction here. The cast takes it all seriously it seems and that leads to watchable, but forgettable performances. The material has room for the performers to tune up the wackiness, but no one really does. Even the child cultists manage to be on the dull side, as opposed to creepy, though the often deadpan turns in this one can elicit a chuckle here and there. The pace is fine and there are some fun set pieces sprinkled around, so it never lost my attention. If you like b movie horror with some outrageous moments and solid overall entertainment, give Children of the Corn II a spin.

No nakedness, but there is some youthful romance and a PG waterfall shower scene. There is some blood however, with some throat trauma, a corn stalk gone wild, and an absolutely insane nosebleed inside a church. This sequence is hilarious and way over the top, with blood spraying all the place and in the middle of a church service, no less. The dialogue is kind of a dead zone, as the script isn’t interesting and the cast doesn’t do much to punch it up. There might have been a few moments of unintentional humor throughout, but not much. Some wild dialogue could have worked wonders here however, so its a shame none of the stars went for broke in their roles. On the general craziness scale, The Final Sacrifice racks up solid points, with sudden tonal shifts that yield some outlandish moments. This includes murderous corn, rural voodoo, a cornfield karate ritual, a corn-nado, a Wizard of Oz tribute of an old woman crushed by a house, vomiting in the house of the lord, and a totally outrageous turn of events involving a woman in a wheelchair and some mischievous children.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 4/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 4/10

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