Story: After he separates from his wife, a man tries to start a new life with his daughter and to conceal their identities, he dresses her in boys’ clothing. She is able to be seen and treated like a boy as well, which not only keeps their profile low, but provides a layer of safety from some of the circumstances around them. Years later when she begins to work on a ranch, she continues to hide her true identity, but still attracts some attention. A foreman on the ranch has take an interest in her, but he believes she is a man. Is there romance on the ranch?

Entertainment Value: This silent short film only runs twelve minutes, but makes a big impression and has great historical value, in how it examines gender roles and perceptions. The moment of realization for the foreman is a very memorable moment, but there are several such instances here, even in such a brief duration. The performances are good and the story is solid, with a brisk pace and some beautiful visuals. This is a well crafted picture in all respects and with such a short runtime, it is easy to give A Range Romance a high recommendation.

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