Story: Brett Baxter (Mike Hartsfield) has the unfortunate task of getting his brother’s affairs in order, as he passed on after a tragic, inexplicable turn of events. While Brett has just returned from a tour of Vietnam, he has to put aside his own issues and do what is right by his brother, which means cleaning and selling his brother’s house. Soon after he starts staying in the home however, he hears strange noises and unexplainable events begin. Brett pieces together that these unusual experiences seem centered on the toilet, as if the porcelain throne is somehow involved. He tries to push on and finish things up, but the toilet keeps popping into his mind as the strange events continue. Is there something going on with his brother’s toilet and if so, is this infernal bathroom fixture somehow involved in his brother’s death?

Entertainment Value: This movie doesn’t just have one of the most outlandish, creative concepts out there, it delivers on that premise in grand b movie fashion. Some movies like this will have an outrageous title, but do little with the concept related to that eye catching title, but that is not the case here. Death Toilet dives in and keeps the focus on the conflict between man, toilet, and a lingering spirit from the Vietnam War. I love the scenes where Baxter pulls a gun on the toilet and has kind of a standoff with the bathroom fixture, which is the kind of off the wall approach taken throughout. So this isn’t one or two wacky scenes, but an entire movie of one ridiculous or over the top moment after another, especially as Death Toilet swirls the bowl and heads toward an outlandish finale. The pace is on point and at just under an hour, the movie doesn’t linger whatsoever and the lack of filler really helps Death Toilet stand out. The cast is fun to watch, with Mike Hartsfield as our troubled resident and Isaac Golub as the priest who tries to lend a hand. I had so much fun with this one, as Death Toilet focuses on the fun and chaos, while delivering a steady stream of entertainment.

No nakedness here. This is a Death Toilet, not an Erotic Toilet, so adjust your expectations as needed. There is some blood, but not gallons and gallons of the red stuff, just some light crimson here and there. This is in part due to the budget likely, as well as a small cast and a villain that’s a toilet, which limits the violence somewhat. But there’s still some fun moments, like holding the toilet at gunpoint or the times when the toilet attacks. The dialogue is humorous and ridiculous, performed by a game cast that really goes all in with these roles. I should note that the farts heard in Death Toilet are real, collected by the filmmakers to ensure the most believable experience. So I think authentic flatulence deserves an extra point or so. As for general craziness, this one delivers and then some. The entire movie is a series of wacky, over the top events and while the armed standoffs with a toilet were a highlight, there’s more here as well. Once the priest arrives to weaponize religion against the toilet, you know things are going to get even weirder and more awesome.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 4/10

Overall Insanity: 7/10

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