Story: David Huggins is a man in his seventies, with a colorful past and some stories that certainly turn heads, as he claims to have been involved with extraterrestrials for most of his life. When he isn’t working part time at a local deli, he is either telling his stories or turning them into paintings. His art centers on the aliens and in specific, an experience he had as a teenager, when he was seduced by an alien. His home is filled with various artworks about his alien encounters and he even claims his cosmic lover gave birth to their child. Huggins knows most people will never believe him, but he remains passionate and convinced about his alien experiences and in Love and Saucers, he shares those stories with us.

Entertainment Value: I loved this documentary, as Love and Saucers not only introduces us to David Huggins and his intriguing life, but does so with no judgment or exploitation. The documentary simply allows Huggins to relay his stories and share his art, his story in his own words, at least more or less. Huggins himself recognizes that his claims are ignored or even mocked, but he remains steadfast and in truth, he comes off as quite sincere. He isn’t an over the top personality, more of a quiet and reserved person, even when talking about his fantastical experiences. I think he is easy to believe, even if you don’t believe his stories, I think most would agree he himself does believe the claims. So this feels authentic and as Huggins goes into his life and alien encounters, its hard not to like him and want to know more.

As for presentation, Love and Saucers has a simple, but effective approach that imparts all the needed information and does so in a way that keeps you hooked. Of course, with a subject as interesting as David Huggins, that isn’t too difficult, but I think the pace and general presentation here are terrific. The movie runs just over an hour and there is no wasted time, so this is all prime content with minimal filler. Huggins is given a wealth of interview time of course and while there is some repetition in his stories, I was never looking at watch with this one. Love and Saucers also showcases a lot of Huggins’ artwork, some of which had never been displayed to the public. I was fascinated by his art and seeing all of his stories brought to life via his paintbrush really added an extra dimension to this piece. The film also interviews fellow alien enthusiasts and friends and family of Huggins, so there’s a nice variety of perspectives. I found this to be a warm, very compassionate look at a colorful man and his vivid stories, I can’t recommend Love and Saucers enough.

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