Story: An artist (Little Puck) in an isolated studio has begun work on her latest creation, the second canvas in her current series of creative endeavors. But this artist doesn’t use paint or charcoal or even digital tools to create her art, instead she uses human beings as her canvases. Her second canvas (Felicia Fisher) is someone the artist is very attracted to and with the canvas secured to a chair, the artist begins her work. She documents her work with an instant camera and plans to torture, degrade, and defile her subject, savoring the physical and emotional spikes as she goes. How far will the artist go to achieve her masterpiece and what will become of her brutalized canvas?

Entertainment Value: This is the third installment of Jonathan Doe’s Erotic Grotesque Nonsense series and it lives up to the series name, as this feels like a fusion of fetish videos and the Guinea Pig franchise. There is minimal narrative beyond the simple premise of our artist and their victim, so the focus is more on the fetish elements and in that regard, Defilement of a Porcelain Doll delivers and then some. As I said, there are Guinea Pig vibes here and we more witness the acts, rather than take a narrative journey with the material. This is not light stuff either, as the movie presents graphic nudity and sexual elements, right from the start. While the film takes some brief respites to let things cool down, the scenes between the degradation and defilement are by no means plentiful. I have read some criticisms that the sequences where the artist browses her photos are too frequent, but I disagree and I think the structure here works well. The sexual content is vivid and aggressive, but this isn’t a slasher movie or traditional horror film, so don’t expect rampant blood. Defilement of a Porcelain Doll goes to some wild places and while it isn’t for everyone, I think Doe has crafted an interesting, provocative work here. If you appreciate extreme cinema or fetish videos, this is likely going to be of interest.