Story: In the midst of the social issues caused by the coronavirus pandemic, loneliness and isolation became more prevalent than ever before. Cheryl Allison found herself feeling those emotions and ventured to a local park, where the outdoors would at least allow her a change of pace. No sooner than she visited the park however, than her loneliness was greeted by a new friend, a very social goose. She would name the goose Honk and the two soon sparked up a real bond, with Cheryl visiting often and Honk running to meet her whenever she was there. The videos of Cheryl and Honk would go viral and bring joy to millions, but when she learns Honk might be an outsider at the park, can Cheryl help him find his way?

Entertainment Value: This documentary runs under fifty minutes, but weaves a memorable, emotional, and inspiring journey that is an absolute pleasure to experience. Based on her real life trips to a park during the pandemic’s early days, Cheryl Allison shares her unexpected, heartwarming story of her relationship with a goose named Honk. Honk would become a social media star as time passed and more people learned about his adventures, but things started off so simple as Cheryl found Honk and the two began such a unique friendship. I found this to be well crafted, well paced, and a fantastic story all around, made all the better because it is real and so inspiring. Despite the short duration, this feels fully formed and while most of this footage is available on the various Honk social media accounts, having the footage with Cheryl’s narration and memories, as well as the interviews of others involved, really elevates this piece. I can’t recommend Honk enough, it is a wonderful story that is told with so much love here, highly recommend this one.

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