Story: Herman (Pat Casey) is fresh out of college and ready to take on the world, even if his newly minted degrees aren’t exactly a fast track to success. As he tries to find himself, he takes an odd hitchhiking trip that involves a potential serial killer and then finds his new home, a shared home with a few other fun, colorful folks. While roommates come and go often, Herman does find it strange that the room he’s moving into is still full of the previous resident’s stuff, but he puts it out of his mind since he has more pressing matters to attend to. He lands a job digging holes and even finds a little romance with Carrie (Maria A. Morales), but Herman also winds up involved with a cult, a cryptid, and a serial killer, but can he use his college education to solve this complex mystery?

Entertainment Value: As you can likely surmise from the title, Hey, Stop Stabbing Me! is a horror comedy and while it is light on the horror perhaps, the movie works well as an absurd, over the top, and fun slice of regional genre cinema. The narrative takes us through a variety of hot button issues, from digging holes to relationship woes to the problems of cults, with some minor horror vibes and a lot of quotable, often hilarious dialogue. To me, the draw here is that dialogue and the cast, as the horror is minimal and the story, while fine, is second fiddle to the chaotic performances and lines. So if you want to be scared, this film won’t hit that spot, as there is little violence or blood or jump scares, just some light elements here and there. At the same time, Hey, Stop Stabbing Me! feels like a low rent, regional horror movie, thanks to wacky script, great energy, and a cast that really runs with the concept, so I can see this still holding considerable appeal to horror fans. If you’re like me and appreciate low budget, high passion productions, Hey, Stop Stabbing Me! is highly recommended, as it is just so much fun and the vibe is so off the wall and chaotic.

I think most of the performances here are a lot of fun to watch, but Maria Morales tends to steal the show in scene after scene. Morales seems to be having a lot of fun and gets the concept here, as she dials up her performance and really gets the most out of her lines, which often boil down to her constant need for flirtation and seduction. I appreciate how she drifts in and out of the movie, gone for a while, only to pop back up with a goofy line or over the top reaction, to boost the entertainment a little. She is great comic relief and her character is used perfectly, not too much to where its overdone, but just right so that you’re wondering where she is at times. Pat Casey is also fun to watch as Herman, as he also seems in tune with the spirit of the movie and goes for broke at times. Casey would go on to write the Sonic the Hedgehog movies decades later, but here we can see where this creative mind was just getting started and Casey is immense fun here. The cast also includes director Josh Miller, N. David Prestwood, Jack Shreck, Sean Hall, and Mark Cartier.

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