Story: Even as Hulkamania ran wild, Vince McMahon was working behind the scenes to find his next attraction that could be the face of the business. Tom Magee seemed like a can’t miss prospect and had all the traits Vince was known to look for, he was tall, insanely muscular, and even highly athletic, able to pull moves no one would expect. He had the look and had been training with Stu Hart, so his future was bright and once he had experienced some training sessions, he was brought in to be part of a special, non televised match. He would face Bret Hart and the two had a terrific match, one that cemented Magee as the future of the business, but in the wake of the match, his star began to fall and even the match itself seemed to disappear. What happened to this lost match?

Entertainment Value: This is a fantastic half hour documentary from WWE, focusing on a lost match between Bret Hart and Tom Magee, often referred to as the holy grail of wrestling footage. Even when fans created a global network to trade tapes within, this match proved elusive and nearly impossible to see, though it remained hotly sought after. The tape’s absence is a great story in its own right, but this is more about Magee, who fell short of those lofty expectations. His time in professional wrestling is looked at and a pretty detailed examination of the lead to the match is also featured, then the film closes by wrapping up all the threads quite well. While Magee’s career didn’t take off, the documentary has a very positive and upbeat tone, which makes sense, as whatever happened after, the match itself is now part of pro wrestling lore. I loved this piece and the stories it tells, the half hour flies by and I can’t overstate my high recommendation for Holy Grail.