Story: Patriot Broadcast System has produced a special program that shows how reasonably priced dining options united a divided nation and overcame the equality plans of Barack Obama, President for Life. After Donald Trump and other Republican leaders tumbled out of penthouse window, Obama was returned to the Oval Office and made President for Life, which allowed him to institute such wild policies as a fair system and equal rights for all citizens. This kind of radicalism drove out the Retrumplikans, who abandoned the coastal areas and tried to keep a small revolution alive through coded menu systems. Of course, with the tribes divided between such restaurants as Applecheez and Cracker Garden, a true push back of Obama is impossible, at least for now. Meanwhile, a young socialist named Tinder (Isaac Anderson) takes a road trip out of his usual Obamaland territories and winds up on the run with a Retrumplikan. As he learns about the menu item codes and unwiped bottoms, Tinder somehow falls in love with Hope (Christina Leidel), who is believed to be the chosen one. But can eve hope unite the casual dining tribes and end Obama’s mission for a better world for everyone?

Entertainment Value: This is an odd one, an outlandish, over the top comedy that satirizes the far right wing culture wars, but presented through the eyes of how that faction sees the world. The end results is likely to offend a lot people, confuse a lot of people, and make a lot of people laugh, likely all three multiple times in most cases. The narrative is hilarious, as Obama turns into the socialist the Republicans have always claimed, taking the accusations made against him to all new levels of outrageousness, which isn’t easy, given some of the right wing conspiracy theories out there. For example, Obama isn’t satisfied with redistributing wealth and establishing equality on this planet, he wants to build a laser that can redistribute the moons of Jupiter, to even out the moons. This happens a lot in Obamaland, with things taken to the extreme and some jokes are made at the expense of more leftist culture elements, but for the most part, this skewers some of the concepts the far right wing have pushed in recent years. As I said, being offended is likely here, especially if the concept clicks in for some viewers, while others might misread the satiric context and take offense, but Obamaland has some smart writing at times, though it also takes a lot of low roads as well. The pace is brisk and the jokes, while not always home runs, come fast and furious, almost like a Naked Gun for the culture wars, with a frantic rapid fire joke loadout. I had fun with Obamaland for the outlandish dialogue, societal satire, and bold attitude, so if the premise appeals to you, give it a shot.

The entire cast in this one goes beyond over the top, so there are a lot of memorable, humorous efforts put forward, but I think Christopher James often steals the show as Barack Obama. He still goes over the top, but keeps Obama’s laid back vibe intact and to me, that combination of reserved and absurd is a lot of fun to watch. His delivery is excellent and he is able to get the vocal cadence right, which makes the lines work so well. Hearing James opine as Obama, especially once the final act arrives and he can cut loose a little, is a highlight of Obamaland. He doesn’t have as much screen time as the title suggests, but he has a decent amount of time and makes the most of it. This movie needed a strong rendition of Obama and thankfully, James was up to the task. Christina Leidel is also fun as Hope White, as she brings the needed wackiness to the role and tends to outshine her costars, as she has good presence and makes the most of the script’s material. The cast also includes Mark Vincent, Isaac Anderson, P. David Miller, and John Edward Ford.

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