Story: Victor (Jon Devlin) has been having some performance issues in the bedroom and his girlfriend Elsa (Danielle Page) is fed up, as she needs him to rise to the challenge. He tries his best to get his motor going and his soldier to stand at attention, but Victor can’t seem to find a solution, so he turns toward less traditional methods. After all, if gas station boner pills won’t do the trick, perhaps Victor needs some supernatural enhancements to stiffen up. So he visits a witch (Scara Slayfield) and while she does indeed promise to have an answer to Victor’s problem, will her occult erection approach pay off or has Victor asked for more than he can handle?

Entertainment Value: I think the best short films deliver an experience, but also leave you wanting more and Erecting a Monster certainly qualifies on that level. This seven minute short was written and directed by indie horror veteran Jon Devlin, who packs a lot into that brief duration and shows potential for a much larger scale project. Whether that is an expanded version of Erecting a Monster only time will tell, but if Devlin keeps this momentum going, future productions are bound to be over the top, hilarious, and super fun to watch. Devlin also plays the lead and carries the short well, while he is supported by several colorful, fun costars at times. The humor is about what you’d expect from a movie about supernatural penis magic, which is to say lowbrow and of course, I loved that. Overall, I had a blast with Erecting a Monster and give it a high recommendation.

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