Story: Seth Calhoun (Ross Hagen) has just arrived in the Philippines and he has big plans, to use his beloved cock to make a splash, as a prestigious tournament is just around the corner. And while Seth is a cowboy from Texas, he knows a lot about fighting cocks and since it is the official sport of the Philippines, he knows it would mean instant fame and fortune. He is also beyond confident, as his rooster is skilled and focused, so he is certain a victory is within his grasp. But he is unaware of a plot from some members of the local organized crime scene, as local thugs the Nono brothers have a stranglehold on the cockfight business. To that end, they have enlisted Yuki (Nancy Kwan) to learn about their competition, including of course Seth, who welcomes some friendly company. Is Seth right to be confident or will the Nono brothers teach him a hard lesson about cocks?

Entertainment Value: The title alone here is going to draw in some interest of course, but Supercock didn’t live up to the potential of that epic moniker. The narrative is fine and about what you’d expect, the movie just never builds much momentum or capitalizes on the constant b movie potential, instead it runs at an even speed and never pushes for more. Which is a shame, as all the ingredients for a wild, over the top cinematic ride are here, Ross Hagen as the redneck fish out of water, the bumbling crime bosses, and the ridiculousness of treating a cockfighting tournament like the World Series, but little of that magic is taken advantage of. The film will walk right up to that line of wackiness, especially with Hagen and the crime bosses, but then pull back just before things go off the deep end, though there is still some fun to be had here. The fish out of water aspect works well, even dialed down like this, while there are scenes with effective humor, often with the crime bosses or Hagen’s Seth having awkward interactions, I just wish these were more frequent and tuned up. So while it falls short of the cult classic it could have been, I still think Supercock is worth a look for b movie fanatics.

The main reason I’d still recommend this movie, despite my general disappointment, rests with lead actor Ross Hagen. I can’t imagine a better fit for the role of cowboy Seth, as Hagen is such a natural and cruises through the performance. The level of emotion and affection he displays for Seth’s rooster is fantastic, even with the comedic elements involved, it comes across as genuine and you want to root for him and his beloved pet. And I should mention, the film’s humor is mostly focused on using the word cock as often as possible, in as many puns or bad jokes or awkward conversations as possible, which reaches levels even the title doesn’t prepare you for. Hagen delivers these kind of lines with a serious tone and that makes them even funnier, while others tend to be more wink and a nod about it, though by the end, you’ll likely be ready for it all to end. The cast also includes Nancy Kwan, Logan Clarke, Joonee Gamboa, Subas Herrero, and Louie Florentino.

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